annother one about pictures !


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Assalamu alaykum,

Sorry for this it,s annother thread about pictures.

I have read the other threads but still have a couple of questions :
- what about pictures on mobile phones ?(is it the same as for the laptop?)
-what about the pictures in books? or on the lables of the food wee eat?
-and since it does not applay to inanimate things, what about drawring an imaginary animal that does not exist ?

sorry once again for bringing it up but i could not find all the answers in the other threads. :shymuslima1:

oh i forgot , what about teddy bears???


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according to the knowledge which i have so far,
cartoons and pictures and toys such as teddy bears made for children are OK. i.e. there are no verdicts agaist them.
Regarding Photographs, May Allah guide me if I am wrong, they are essentially the same as a mirror image...It is a matter of truth versus false.
A photograph of a person is just like a mirror image, versus a hand made paintiing, in which the following consequences occur:
1) the artist feels arrogance, and an attachment with the picture that he/she makes with bare hands.
2) no matter how precise a person may try drawing by hand, the picture is not a true image.
3) Occasionally, in paintings and drawings, the artist choses only th eface of the real person, and draws the rest according to his/her imagination.

same applies to videos.
the following limitations apply to all catagories:
1) There should be no *!*!*!*! or nudity!
2) Women should not be pictured or drawn without hijab.
3) they should serve constructive, positive purposes.
4) There should be no falacity or forging in the content

...Allah Knows best