Arabic alphabet Made Easy


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I like to talk a little bit about a book, called Arabic reading and writing made easy by Dr. Bilal Philipps. It is a book that I used while studying the Arabic alphabet at university. And it was very good but the book by itself isn't enough you need to actually have a video instructor or live instructor to help you learn. I will write a little of what is written in the first page of the book and is based on the third edition of the Arabic for non-Arabic speakers. I will now talk briefly about this book. The textbook is based the third edition of the Arabic Textbook published by the King Saud University language institute. Prepared under the supervision of Dr. Mahmoud Yesenia graduate of Georgetown University in the US. The text employs the latest developments in the science of linguistics related to the Arabic alphabet language.

The problem is it's completely written in Arabic. The book which was intended to be taught in Arabic to non-Arabic speakers is not an effective way to learn. Dr. Bilal Philips spent many the Arabic alphabet and reading and writing to adults and high school students. He thought at the King Saud University in Riyadh. He also introduced the book to Sharif Islamic University in the Philippines in 1993 and taught Arabic teacher, how to use it. The reason I mention this is because that book is the best book to learn the Arabic alphabet in my opinion and is the best method to learn. The significance of the King Saud University text is that it did not require the learner to memorize all 28 letters of the alphabet, plus the 112 connecting forms. Which is as you may tell a very hard challenge. It is ideal for adults and older people because it develops reading writing skills gradually rather than forcing the student to memorize all the letters.

That's what I really enjoyed about using that book in the course that I studied at Islamic online university and in another university, that I studied at. You can get a free online version of the book at the Islamic online university I'm sure because when I studied it 5 years ago, it was there and it likely still is. To learn most effectively, you can study the Arabic alphabet book on my YouTube channel where I teach the full course for free. My lessons are broken into 25 video or so video lessons and 20 are uploaded currently. And I tried to teach it in the exact same method as Dr. Bilal taught with exception to better visual quality. The lessons are around one hour long and this will be a great way to start practicing and learning how to read and I read the full Quran this past Ramadan and although it was hard I did it and I am very happy I have finally completed this goal. You can find the first 5 or so lessons posted here on this forum: