Arabic lessons on TurnToIslam (from A To Z )


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Thank you for this

Assalamu Alaykum !

I`m from Poland and Arabic unfortunately isn`t my native language, athough a year ago i attended Arabic classes and I think I did pretty well.
Arabic requires systematic practise, otherwise You forget most of the things you`ve learned. And so have happened to me.
I will use the materials You posted and try to recover it from my memory:)
thank You,


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aslamo alykom

dear Ana_Anna
im arabic male speak arabic and live every day wil talking in arabic
i will be happy if i can help you with any thing
your bro
shade safi


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i am a teacher of arabic

salamo alaikom
i can go any were to teach arabic to my brothersand sisters.

in europ or america

if a group is serious . contact me


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:salam2: bros/sis

:jazaak: bro islamicfajr for all the help u been rendering since you found out i was keen to learn Arabic.I was hoping to able to speak with the right arabic sounding words but even with one still need to have real live people to converse with.Listening is only one way you need to used it too.Having live chat with Arabic speaking bros/sisters with the intention of learning the language would help one tremendously in speech and pronounciations.It also build up one confidence and one must be able to accept positive criticism if one want to improve.I guess i still have not been given the hidayah :SMILY23::SMILY23: when it comes to Arabic. For i find it sooo easy to learn most of the languages when i was working at the only international airport in Singapore,CHANGI,picking up a bit of everything more in my working line,,,like numerals,, asking about where they fm or where they going to send their items . like letters or parcels and so forth...i just used whatever i could master and at times the customers correct me too when I mispronounced, although i go red in the face,, its the only live lesson i could get eh ;)In Singapore,, we have four official language,,they are English used by majority of Singaporeans...Mandarin for the Chinese,,Malay for the Malays and Tamil for the Indians.
So now Im learning Arabic more by listening than having its hard indeed to improve pronounciations/conversation wise.....thanks for listening to this old lady yakking away.I begged all for forgiveness if my bad English or words hurts any of you, for it was not my intentions.
Pls Bro Islamicfajr pls dont stop the good work u been doing ..:salah: :tti_sister: May Allah swt blessed you for your kind effort and contributions for both Arabic and Islamic knowledge articles and :inshallah: you be rewarded accordingly

:wasalam: :hijabi:


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ÌÒÇß Çááå ßá ÎíÑ ÇÎì ÇáÚÒíÒ æÇÊãäì ÇÎæÇääÇ ÇáãÓáãíä ÇáÇÌÇäÈ Çä íÊÚáãæÇ ÇááÛå ÇáÚÑÈíå ÈÃÐä Çááå


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:ma: :ma: :ma: :ma: :ma:​

Thnk you Very much brother for your kind work...! I've learnt Arabic for two years by now....! This really helped me alot..! May Allah bless you forever...! :tti_sister: AAMEEN

Khuda Hafez


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Arabic Lessons.......Shuk-run

Asalam Walaikum, I'm sista Kadejah "Salafiah Muslimah" Masha-Allah.coverted 5 years now and just trying 2 B come a better muslim in this life. insha-allah.......Ameen!!! Shuk-run for the lovely lessons. Salam sista Kadejah. May Allah reward u insha-allah.......:tti_sister:


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at last i got to see it in arabic


ÌÒÇß Çááå ßá ÎíÑ ÇÎì ÇáÚÒíÒ æÇÊãäì ÇÎæÇääÇ ÇáãÓáãíä ÇáÇÌÇäÈ Çä íÊÚáãæÇ ÇááÛå ÇáÚÑÈíå ÈÃÐä Çááå

what is that suppose to say?

by clicking on View,Encoding,,Arabic(windows) here the answer

جزاك الله كل خير اخى العزيز واتمنى اخواننا المسلمين الاجانب ان يتعلموا اللغه العربيه بأذن الله

although i dont know what it means but according to google translate it means

Jazak Allah all the best my dear brother and I hope Muslims foreigners brothers to learn the Arabic language, insha`Allaah



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Mashallah is this a gr8 thread...
i want to correct my pronunciation...& i'm getting thr

thanx for posting


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im working on a project that teaches arabic for none arabic speakers its gonna be in english.. cant wait to finish it.