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I am enjoying this arabaic lessons. Thank you for teaching, I believe that this lessons will help me a lot here. May Allah Bless you...


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In The name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful

An Introduction:

The Arabic Alphabet counts 28 letters, & it is very important to know that the Arabic script is read & written from right to left.

The Arabic letters are very similar to English letter sounds, e.g. Baa is very close to letter ‘B’ in the English language, which is a useful way to remember the sounds of the letters.

In Arabic, there are three short vowel-marks which enable the letter to make a sound a similar way to the English Language, for instance (a,e,I,u) ; we’ll cover them later insha`Allah.

First Letter:

Don’t forget to bring a pen & a paper to practice.

Letter name: alif
Letter sound: a


It is similar to number 1, with a small (hamza) over it.

How to write the letter :


Remember that in Arabic language you should write from right to left, so when you write the letter you should write it the same direction it is shown in the above figure.

& you could write it several times to practice it very well:


hope that it was well introduced.:)

Thank you very much, till the next lesson insha`Allah (by the will of Allah)

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Assalam Alaykum Dear All..

Barak Allaah Feekium..

May Allaah help All Rest of you to learn Quran Language..



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aslm alaikm,dia bro's and sis's i badly need ya help,i have tried to download the arabic alphabet zip but my computer can not open them.what can i do?


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Private Arabic Lessons on skype

Assalamu alaykum

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im a southeast asian malay muslimah,, altho i recited my prayers in arabic i dont really know the meaning of what im saying. So i guess knowing the meaning of what ure reciting help to give u more "kushoo" than parroting it eh.Its so expensive to learn arabic in my country n with bro islamicfajr lesson i cud learn at anytime i want,, at my own pace,,may Allah SWT reward him for his unselfish contribution :allahuakbar:I apologise if i seems rude, its not my intention just trying to tell u not everyone here knows arabic like those who r lucky to be born arab or attended arabic school/madrasah.