asalam allaikum brothers and sister in islam

abou hafs

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salam i'm a new brother from morocco who is carrying studies master studies at university in the field of theoritical linguistics and also a student at quranic school i hope to join you and be brother in islam i like this website so much mash'Allah.


Servant of Allah
ws, Welcome to the website, mashaAllah keep up the good work and inshaAllah we hope to benefit from you as well as us. don't hesitate to post anything you'd like about islam but that is appropriate inshaallah. we are your brothers and sisters and we are your family as well. salam.


قل هو الله أحد
wa alaikoom assalam brother

a student of knowledge ... masha'Allah

welcome to TTI

looking forward o read your contribution (we have an Arabic section)


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Wa alaykum assalam

Welcome to TTI

Brother you clearly have a hunger for knowledge, may Allah swt advance you in useful knowledge

Inshallah your stay here will be beneficial