Aslam o Alikum :) Guess wat ? Im BACK!


Hubbi Li Rabbi
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Ya Allah!!! :)

It's great to have you back akhi!!!..seeing the pictures of Makkah and Madina tugged at my heart and made me long to see these two lands with my eyes even more..

I pray that Allah purified you and granted you the greatest of ajer as reward for the visit to His House

I am truly happy to see you comeback akhi..and I hope that you will stick around and contribute to TTI just as you always did! :)



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salam alikoum wa rahmatu Allhi wa barakatuh

welcome back brother.
realy so happy for you
Allah laaa ya'hremna
salam aleikum


알라후 아크바르-Allah Akbar
Welcome Back brother.. its nice 2 see u back in a good health.. Alhamdulillah.. :D
May Allah accept ur Ummrah and all ur prayers.. Ameen.. :)


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nice to see you back home brother, i was thinking about you. what's happened to you, thought went pakistan to marry, lol ........... i am so happy that you were that holy land makka and madina. thanks for the pictures....... i wish i would be there oneday. then see you.

hassana elkoussi

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Welcome back brother. It's nice to have you back alhamdulillah. May Allah accept your Umra and grant you loads of rewards inshaAllah. Jazak Allahu khairan for sharing the pics.


Amina 1

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Assalam Alaikum Waramatullahi Wabarakatu

Welcome back:hearts:We have missed you. :ma::ma: you are soooo lucky :D:D