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here i am

besmi allah arrahman arrahim
thank you life4allah for answering me so fast...ok i have received a new mail from my friend...he just wrote this words
"islam is a religion which teaches that all people are of value, am i not correct about this?
sadly in this world some people are considered to be of more value than others but this is because of man made institutions like the media and is not the intended plan of god. what do you think, am i correct in thinking this or misguided?"

he is not muslim but he has a big big heart...he has faith ...he has every thing to become a good muslim like me, like you...i know i can answer his question.but i want to ask a favor from the member of the forum-my brother and sisters-just i want every one to write a simple letter, it may be a verse in the qoran it may a hadith or even a simple story from history and now.i want my answer to be so special.i want to help him because he helped me.he was always close in times of is any one ready, or can any one help???????


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Welcome to the site & family, we hope you enjoy your stay here at TTI.

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welcome to the site n the family.hope u will enjoy ur stay here on tti.n hope to listen from u often.