Assalamu Alaykom

This is my first time to post here.. I am aishah, reverted muslimah.. Alhamdullilah this is my third ramadan.. I wanna have new muslimah friends. I was converted in Saudi Arabia, but I am now living in my country Ph. I am the only Muslim in my area Alhamdullilah I am lucky to be the one and it is not difficult for me. Ramadan mubarak to everyone. May Allah accept our fasting and prayers.


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wa'alaikum as'salaam sister,

welcome to the forum and ramadan mubarak! it's hard being on your own without muslim family or community support. Inshallah stay strong and have sabr, and you also have us here as well :)


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Wa alaykum Assalamu sister,

Welcome to TTI. InshaAllah you make many friends on here :) Enjoy your stay!