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Salam Everyone,

My name is Mohamed Mokhsin Bin Masuri Bin Mohamed Salleh Bin Mustawi Bin....and even if I can manage to trace my decendents, most probably it will date back centuries and most probably they were all Muslims but I am a Malay now and by default I am a Muslim. I am 47 years old or 16 years away from Sunnatullah average living years.

To say I know about Islam is an overstatement! One thing for sure, the more I dig, the more I began to realize how little and insignificant my knowledge is. SubhanAllah, even the unseen air is far far significant in terms of contribution.

This is just purely my personal Muhasabah : "Muslim and Jannah by default? No such thing! It is however a constant that we turntoIslam, turnawayfromIslam. turntoIslam, turnawayfromIslam, InOut, inOut, InOut, remember, forget, remember, forget. Seems like Russian roulette. Only Allah has the power to ensure our Istiqomah is always turntoIslam, In and remembers. The whole of Mankind and Jinns living and dead submissions to his will is not going to benefit Him a bit. The whole of Mankind and Jinns living and dead taking from Him is not going to reduce his wealth and powers....not a drop. Knowledge of Islam must be converted into actions, only then it will benefit us.....not Him. He don't need us but He love us all equal. There are numerous instances to prove His love but the closest proof : Every single awakening from sleep(if we are not among those that take things for granted), we'd realize that we're still breathing and alive! God is great! AllahuAkbar! We can't see air but we can feel and know it's role, if we acknowledge that significance with thanks and Grace, only then we acquire the ability to "see" Air. Another day, another opportunity not to go astray.


JazakAllah Khair.
Would love to be friends and learn from Real Sincere Muslims from around the world. "AddinunNasehah"


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Wa alaykum salam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuh,

Welcome to the forum.

Ma sha Allaah what you say is true;

Being Muslim by default does not mean anything. One needs to embrace Islam in order to understand it, and not continuously be a cultural Muslim - doing what their forefathers, grandparents and repeating what their parents have been doing. Sometimes what we see our parents do are not even in the sharee'ah, and is just a practise taken from other religion or absorbed my what they call "culture". Many things being done are redundant and not necessary, have absolutely no examples from our beloved Prophet salallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam.

It is also of no point to be riya' towards non believers just because we are Muslims, had Allaah given them hidaya they may be more pious than the present Muslims.

Your nasehah is very beneficial. May we constantly remember to be grateful to Allaah for every single thing, for he does not benefit nor lose anything had we worshipped or leave Him;

we need him, and he only requires of us Taqwa. In sha Allaah, may we benefit from you and you from us,

jazakAllaah khair.


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salam alikom

have a warm welcome brother with your second family of tti hope you enjoy your stay with us and benefit from eaech other , we are here one family our goal is to correct echa other help each other and insha allah guide each to the right path


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WaAlaikum assalaam warahmatuAllah wabarakatuh:)
we're glad to have you here with us, tabrakaAllah all that you have said is true! but this part touched me the most
He don't need us but He love us all equal.
SubhanaAllah, that is soo true and to the point! May we always recognize His blessings.Ameen
jazakaAllah khairan for sharing!
Allah hafiz hafiz now and always:)


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assalamalaikum brother, A v warm welcome to u. I agreee to ur opinion. lets pray to ALLAH that he keeps us all steadfast on imaan till the last breath. jazakallah.


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mashaAllah i was amazed to read your post
jazakallahu khaiyr
akhii welcome to TTI
May you benefit from the site
enjoy your stay
inshaAllah you'll make new friends


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Wa'alaykum salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Welcome akhi!

SubhanAllaah. Truly we are in need of Him.

InshaAllaah, we'll learn from each other here. And yes, knowledge is nothing without acting on it.

May Allaah keep us steadfast in our deen. Ameen

JazakAllaah khair.

allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
wa'aliakumussalam .....subhanallah! sister ,mashallah, allah has created us , and all the things we see each day, i know it is hard to beleive but it is from the almighty(allah)...mashallah sister...allah is the greatest(allahu akbar)...and welcome islam , and to our forum...i love you for the couse of allah