Assalamu'alaikum! :)


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Hi, I'm not new to Islam but I am new to this website. I'm not an adult or teenager but I'm not going to give away my gender or age. I'm a bit nervous (don't mind me...I always am nervous in public) here. I joined this website because it looked really interesting! :) Uhh, do I have to describe my hobbies, tell more about myself or something??


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Hello and welcome to the website. I hope you like being on the website. There is a degree of anonymity, and you should not need to disclose any information about yourself. In this regard, you are in control of your own privacy. However, we do try and make the site a friendly and safe place.

You do not need to tell us any more about yourself, but it would help if you said why you joined the site and if there was anything in particular you would like to know about either Islam or Muslims! or cookies!


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Hello!:)Don't be nervous(you don't need to be).Great a sign from Allah.Alhamdulilah.Hope you'll feel well to stay with us.Best regards.:arab1:


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Welcome to the site, everyone here is very friendly. Just have browse around and ask us if you have any questions or start up a thread if you like to discuss anything :)


Salam to all muslims.
Welcome aboard
great to have you to join.

~May Allah swt help,protect and guide all muslims~Amin!
Take care,
~Wassalam :SMILY259: