Battery Charging & Manual!!!


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Battery Charging & Manual

The majority of us, if not all, will have a mobile phone; and we would all be aware of its usage and functionalities.

Recently, due to Ramadhan, I’ve not been giving my phone a complete charge and therefore the battery either becomes close to ‘dying’ or actually does ‘die’ on me.

On many phones that I have used in the past, I have a bleeping sound warning me of the low battery charge and ‘hoping’ that I will connect it to the mains to give it a recharge. Recently, with the change of phone, I have a ‘lecture’ accompanying the bleep warning me that I could lose any unsaved work if I did not charge my phone.

It’s amazing in this technologically advancing world how many products require charging or some form of power supply, be it through batteries or through the mains. In the same manner, these items all come with a level of instructions and manuals to ensure correct usage of the product and eliminating the risk of rendering the product faulty.

I was thinking along these points during the month of Ramadhan, how our bodies also feel depleted of energy levels and how these levels of energy are increased during the time of breaking our fast and the sleep we have during the night.


It occurred to me that in the way our accessories and gadgets require an energy source so does our physical body; by far the greatest ‘technology’ and ‘machinery’. In the same manner, as it is the month of Ramadhan, my mind drifted towards the spiritual body. Just as the technologies of today require a power source and the body requires an energy source, so does the spiritual body and Rooh (spirit, soul) require nourishment, energy and power.

Our mobile will continue to serve us and be of use as long as it has battery power; our bodies will function and have the strength to carry out our daily duties and necessities as long as it contains the energy and in the same manner our spiritual existence will continue to please Allah and create a connection with Him if we provide it with the correct nourishment.

It is in this month that there has been a greater awareness of this from Allah تعالى as a great level of emphasis has been placed on the existence of one’s spiritual needs. So much so, that we have been told to decrease the energy we give to our physical bodies so that we can strengthen our spiritually and create, within this month, a connection with Allah, our power source, who will illuminate our hearts, Insha Allah, with Nur (divine light).

It is through this divine light that we hope to continue our days serving Allah تعالى and whenever necessary we need to ensure that this power and energy is ‘topped up’ through the Faraidh, Sunan and Nawaafil (obligatory, optional and recommended acts).

Being the month of Ramadhan, I hope to keep this post to a minimum. But I pray that the message of this post as well as this month is clear; increase your spiritual awareness and its needs; increase the energy one places on one’s soul.

May Allah تعالى increase our connection with Him and make this connection a means for our salvation. May this month honour us with the mercy of Allah, His forgiveness and become a means of freedom from the fire of Hell. Aameen.

Du’as requested, especially in this blessed month.



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Salaams, we;; said brother that was quite beneficial to us all Shukran for that post and u will be remembered in my Duas