Beautiful recitation voice!?


^^^ما لي وللدنيا؟^^^

:ma: beautiful voice and meaning of ayat




^^^ما لي وللدنيا؟^^^
i wonder, nobody have been thought of these ayat from the holy Qur'an?
how amazing it is!? it's wonderful, it's perfect!
can u feel "calm"? "safe"? when u hear this recitation?
u can feel it when u put it deep in ur heart and think about it in your mind...
feel it, live it!

it's something that no one can describe! ayat Allah "the Holy Qur'an" more than perfect Subhan'Allah Masha'Allah


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..mashaAllah outstanding and sincere subhanAllah. one of those voices that make u really think about the words from Allah (swt) and its real meaning.