British Airways Flight to Karachi, Pakistan


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A British Airways flight was going to Karachi from London. When it gets close to Karachi it starts having some kind of trouble. The pilot contacts the air tower at Karachi airport and asks for help:

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“Karachi, this Captain Smith, British Airways flight 000, do you read?”

“Flight 100, This is Karachi felight contorol, go ahead”

“Karachi, This is Flight 100, we have a problem”

“Dis is Karachi, vat kind of peroblem?”

“This is Flight 100, we have lost power to our engines, please advise”

“Dis is Karachi, I reed you, paleez check some things for me, ok?”

“This is Flight 100, go ahead”

“Dis is Karachi, can you get emergency pover to your engines?”

“This is Flight 100, negative, no power is available”

“Dis is Karachi, can you peleez bering your altitutde to 20,000 feet?”

“This is Flight 100, negative, our wing controls do not respond”

“Dis is Karachi, can you peleez see if you can lower your veels?”

“This is Flight 100, negative, landing gears are stuck”

“Dis is Karachi, vould you peleeze repeet thez words after me”

“This is Flight 100, go ahead”

“Dis is Karachi, rebeat thez vords peleeze: Ashhadu an Lailaha illallah wa ashhadu anna Muhammadur rasulullah”


Allah Hu Akbar
A typical pakistani
atleast he'll get sawab for telling him to the Word of ALLAH.
lolzzz funny as hell.


one in a billion!!
yeha...i thought the writer made a mistake so i was reading it normally not with an accent or anything



really funny....there was nothing for karachi to say after all things failed....nice ending.....hahahaahah
jazak Allah for sharing....