British torture of Iraqis

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Baha Mousa inquiry: soldier's diary

The inquiry into the death of Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa heard extracts from a diary kept by Private Stuart MacKenzie, of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, while on tour in Iraq. Private MacKenzie was one of the soldiers guarding Mr Mousa.

Warning: contains strong language

8 July 2003

"Out to vehicle check point, vehicle VCP. Found five SMGs British issue and Nine millimetre pistol and mags. Arrest perp [short for perpetrator] and take car. Hostage beaten up. Broken wrist, concussion, sore bollocks."

18th July 2.30pm

"Crushing jerrycans at another petrol station. A big Iraqi punched Mr Rodgers and got filled in immediately by about 10 of us. He was bleeding from his head, face and ears. He was battered from head to toe, so we let him go instead of arresting him."

24 July

Still on QRF. Called out about 12pm, Ali Baba stealing steel rods from outside camp. Chased them. Asp and Benny swam the sewer to catch him. One warning shot fired by Redders. Man caught and roughed up. Head under water. He's going to be ill. Taken to cop-shop. Finished at 7 pm, off now till 1pm Friday. Wicked."

11/12 September

"Found 3 Ali Babas at WTP7, beat them up with sticks, filmed it. Good day so far."

"Nothing much happened. House raid for hours, nothing found. Caught 3 Ali Babas, beat *!*!*!*! out of them on back of Saxon. 1 had a punctured lung, broken ribs, fingers, 1 had dislocated shoulder and broken fingers."

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