.........bye bye......

Aisha hussain..

seeking knowledge

brothers and sisters in islam iam so happy to inform you all that iam going for umrah on 22 of feb
i wanted to share my happiness with you all, before going i just wanted to say sorry to every1. if i ever hurted any 1 plzzzz forgive me or Allah will never forgive me

i'll pray for all my ummah and specially my brothers and sisters here in TTI

wanated to inform you all in advance i will not be able to contact you all from saturday

if i stay alive and return safetly next month i will contact you all


Thank You Allah!
Walaykumu salaam

Awww I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. May Allah accept all your duas and fulfill your dreams! Ameen. Make dua for your TTI family alright? :hearts:
Stay safe and keep smiling!


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Awww sis!!!!! I hope you have a great trip sis!!!!!;)
May Allah accept all your du'aas, bless you, and make you happy. Ameen!!!!:SMILY252:

Bt hurry back sis!!!!!!! :)
We'll miss you!!!!!!!!:D

:hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


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:ma:your are blessed by Allah to be able to take this trip, and may Allah accept your umrah, have a safe trip and don't forget to duaa for us. see you back soon Insha-Allah.


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MashaAllah! Subhanallah! That is Awesome! I wish I could go again! :D

Remember all your Brothers and Sisters in your Du'as Sister. ;) May Allah SWT keep you steadfast upon Deen. Aameen.


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Mashaa Allah!!!!!!! This is such great news alhamdulela!!!!!! I might ask you of a few duas to make for me while you are there if that's okay with you.

Also, do you speak arabic? I would like you to listen to something before you go inshaa Allah if you do.

Anyway, may Allah bless you and accept your ummrah and answer all your prayers inshaa Allah taala. :hearts:


Daughter of Adam
Asalamalikum aisya sister

oh mashAllah this is very good news:)

welcome to my country:D:D:D

oh on 22feb:) mashAllah

jazakallah khair for sharing this good news

May Allah Accepts all ur dua's n have a safe trip Ameen!!


MashaAllah sister its very good news have a safe trip May Allah accept all ur dua's and don't forget ur sisters and brother in TTI!

Your little sister

ya allah madad

mabrook in advance and may Allah SWT make ur journey pleasant and make u get the zenith of imaan ameen.:hearts:
please sister make dua for all of us ttians .

Aisha hussain..

seeking knowledge

Thank you every one i am so happy that you all are happy for me
how can i forget to make dua for you all :SMILY252:

jazakAllah khair

Abu Sarah

Allahu Akbar
Staff member
Wa Alaykum Assalam

may Allah acept ur good deeds and ur umrah

just don't forget All us from ur dua`a



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Salem sister,
I'm so happy for you and I wish you a safe journey to Mekka. I performed the Hajj in 1997, alhamdoullah, and made many "omras" whilst I was working in the kingdom. It's an experience like no other, I can tell you, and I left part of my heart in that blessed place. It'll take your breath away just to see the Kaaba for the first time!!! It's my sincere hope to return one day, inshallah. Please remember me and my family in your prayers while you are there....I miss that place soooooooooo much ya Allah, I miss the peace and security I felt there. Maybe it's just a little taste of what Allah has in store for us in His Paradise. May we all reach there safely, as they say in Tunisian Arabic "Rabbi wasalna salmeen"!!!
Your sister in Islam.


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salam alikum wa rahmatu allah taala wa barakatuh

masha allah taala such a good news about you may allah accept your umrah with al maghfirah and reward you with ala ajjer wa tawab

don't forget me in your dou'aa


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ooooooo mashallah!!! very good news.

Alhamdu lillaahil-lathee bini'matihi tatimmus-saalihaat.

Praise is to Allah Who by His blessings all good things are perfected .

may Allah make this trip easy for you. accepts your dua's Aameen.

make dua for Ummah

xMuSlIm GuRlx

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Salaaam sister,

Maashallah this is amazing! You are truly blessed... Make the most of itt and hope inshallah allah accepts all ur duas and brings you more closer to islam and strengthens your faith..!! Please remember us in ur duaas sister :)

Have a safe journey and all the best! *!*!*!