Callers on the gates of Hell fire


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Alsalam Alikom,

I will be making series of lectures about this topic. Nothing from me all from the Quran, Sunnah and credited scholars. All references will be given. Jazakom Allah Khair.



Laa ilaha ilaa Allah
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wa alaikum asalaam

In shaa Allah.

For me the link is broken akhi, just says "This video is private"


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I didn't find it useful, sorry.

Jazak Allah khair, if no body respond I will not post anymore links of the lectures. I have 5000+ members, who find my posts useful Alhamdolilah in the facebook group, through facebook disabled notifying them which made it hard to them to figure out when I make a new post.

Abu Loren

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Bro don't take offence but we all want to be internet sheikhs and we will be sending people to the hell fire with our limited knowledge. The real scholars study the deen and everything associated with it all their lives and that is why they are given the title of a scholar. We lay people should take notice, however we should voice our concerns if they are wrong.

My one and a half cents.