can anyone help please!!!!!

mohammed 1234

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as salam alaykum brothers and sisters

Can anyone help me track down any lectures or serman of sheik Muqbil ibn hadee al wadee may allah have mercy on his soul from Yemen, in mp3 format only please.

I have a variety of mp3 lectures and sermons on my phone in arabic and listen to them in my spare time but i am finding it hard to get sheik muqbil mp3.

If anybody can help I would be very greatful.


mohammed 1234

Darkness to Light
will try them out my brothers

I just have a problem with my windows vista its not allowing download these program, its saying adminstrative error or restriction do not have access to do this. Need to take the computer to some one who can help me or open the restriction. Once I have done this I will try the programs out.

I can download the MP3 files no problem just the programs you have mentioned.

Barak allah fee kum:jazaak::jumpclap:


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Brother - mohammed 1234 an old saying if wife is not friendly change wife but dont say her bad. You can change Vista window and can install other friendly window .lol