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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Yes, this started out cliché
But what you gonna do?
When the message is clear,
And the value is true,
It bears no matter
What color rose is with you

Now charity's important,
A thing we must do,
And if you should partake
You'll get good deeds too
But what if you're poor?
Or don't have the time?
Well no matter my friend,
You can give without a dime

Now at this point you look at me like I'm crazy,
I would try to tell you otherwise, but I'm feeling a little lazy
"How can you give charity without any charity?
"What you've said now is false, or at least has no clarity"

And then I say "just listen my friend, you didn't let me talk"
"Just cause your funds are dry, doesn't mean the charity stops"
You can give with a smile to your family and friends,
And the deeds for that task will just cease to end

Smile when you can, and here are things you can say,
To make sure to give your deal of charity today,
HURRHUMP!!!!, (I shall say, because I am clearing my throat
Last time I spoke in class, I sounded like a billy goat)

That's one of the words,
So easy to say,
And flows quick just like birds

Wal Hamdulilah,
That's the other- so clear,
It's pleasant to say,
And it's pleasant to hear

Wa La ilaha illallah
I love when that word's said
Be sure it's on your lips
Just moments before you're dead

Wa Allahu Akbar.
Allah is surely great
So say these simple words
They count as charity for goodness sake!

These four words of dhikr,
Are easy on the tongue
But have so many heavy good deeds
So keep working those lazy lungs

We need all the deeds we can get
Cause none of us are perfect, see?
So keep saying these 4 phrases
And live your life peacefully.

..................not all roses are red by the way.....


Lil' Muslimah


That's a ________ *doesn't know an adjective to describe the whole of it* but it was just, great!

JazakAllah for sharing it, kinda funny hehe xd