Child Aatif Abdul-Ahad MuhibAllah Reads Qur'aan


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Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

This is video of Aatif Abdul-Ahad MuhibAllah. He is in Saudi Arabia - MashaAllah he reads nicely from Surah al Hadid. His last name, MuhibAllah means the most beloved to Allaah. May Allah make him and all those who love the Qur'aan his beloved, amin.



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i don't know why but i can not see such videos.Could you provide a link for it if there is one?Thank you...


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Best recite

Asalam o Alicom.
I am very happy to look this video.May Allah bless on us and also make us a pure and best muslim. :ma:


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Wow subhanallah its amazing
what a beautiful recitation :ma:
jazakallah for sharing

May Allah make him and all those who love the Qur'aan his beloved inshallah Ameen
:wasalam: :hearts:


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MashaAllah! Subhanallah!
Im very Impress!MashAllah beautiful voice.
May bless him and his family.:tti_sister:

Jazaakallahu khair for sharing with us. may Allah bless u :tti_sister:



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beautiful... :)

dont forget our revert brothers and sisters and their children make excellent efforts to recite the Quran well too.


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MAshallah Mashallah Mashallah Mashallah never being more impressed.Jazakukhairan to anyone who posted this video,I have one question,......Is that a show? I mean is it a show and is there anyway I can watched this online?

nita madjid

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Thank you for posting it,
Allah reminds me trough that post.

A strong azzam!! I want to raise a hafidz and hafidzah. Amin ya Allah Amin!


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Salam Brothers and Sisters,
I forget what it is called but can someone please inform me how to pray the prayer where you ask Allah to help you decide between making decisions. I forget what it is called but it is a prayer where you ask God to help you decide between 2 or more things. You are supposed to see a sign somewhere along maybe in your dreams or so..
Im sorry if Im being too vague but if someone knows what I'm talking about please help me. Its something you recite during prayer. If anyone knows please help

Thank you all very much


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mansallah, may Allah make all our youngsters like him, and guide them all towards the light (INCLUCULDING) us....ameen, may Allah grant us paradise and forgive our sins...ameen....