christian to muslim


Good news, indeed!
I believe there are a few filipino brothers/sisters here, hopefully they might be able to contribute.
There are Masjids in the PHilliphines, if you have any near you, perhaps it's better if you speak to the Imam :D
In the mean time you can always get as much knowledge and information about Islam you can!




Subhana Allah!
asalamu alaykum warahmatulai wabarakatuh

Alhamdulilah(praise be to Allah)

for convertion this site is really helpfull
i hope this site helps. you can ask questions. may Allah subhana wata'ala guide u amen:tti_sister:

wa alaykuma salaam wr wb:)


Servant of Allah
you guys subhanallah, help her make the shahada. ok sister in order to become muslim you must say these words, they are the testimony of faith, meaning you testify that there is no god worthy of worship except allah and muhammad is the last and final messenger of allah. "Ash-hadu an la ilaha ilallahu, wa ash- hadu ana muhammadan 'abduhu warasuluhu" the words in bold are the ones you say to confirm that you have become a muslim. and there meaning is : "I testify that there is no God worthy of worship, except Allah, and that Muhammad is his servant and Messenger".


New Member
thanks to all specialy to zaynab123 for the nice website, i will find a nearest Masjids here and look for a imum, by the way im a male hehehe..


*Fear Allah*

Salam Alaikum Brother

Inshallah everyone here can help you out with what you need. Welcome to TTI!:muslim_child:

Salam Amirah80:hearts:


Junior Member
salam alikoum....

salam alikoum
first, we ask allah to make your journey to islam easy inchae allah,
what i would like to tell you, try to start with the basis,,,,, what are the beliefs, and what are the practices, then go on and be always looking for more knowledge, and be sure that allah accepts from those who are the pious, the people who have fear of allah.
try to post any question you wonder about, i guarranty you will find the brothers and sisters very helpful inchae allah.

wa salam alikoum


New Member
sala alikoum

good day to all friends, i'll just ask if allah will accept me because im a christian and i know that there are rules in christian that are not acceptable in your muslim law, can allah forgive me and accept me?


New Member
sala alikum

:salam2: i would like to thanks to all who help me, i am proud say im a member of muslim community now i just take my shahada yesterday :salah:

nori suja'i

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wa alaikoom salam,

once u declare the shahadah (ash'hadhuAllah ilaha illaAllah
wa ash hadhu anna Muhammadaar Rasool Allah)
means: i bear witness there is no god but Allah and i bear
witness that Muhammad the Messenger of Allah.
u became like a new born baby, clean & innocent.
no obligations whatsoever with your pass life.



Junior Member
:salam2: i would like to thanks to all who help me, i am proud say im a member of muslim community now i just take my shahada yesterday :salah:

As-salaam alaikum,

Welcome bro, i am indian married to filipina Al-hamdulillah she is reverted muslim. (Balik Islam) from Ilo Ilo.

I have visited philippines 1 time. very beautiful indeed also people are very good.

Inshallah you will find many muslims around your area.

Inshallah i hope all filipinos will go back to their main relegion, which is "ISLAM"

Inshallah brother, i expect you to learn islam and convey this beautiful relegion your area.

If you have any questions/clarifications please don't hesitate to ask.

May Allah help you and guide you to the best. :tti_sister:


Ahmad M. Al-Marshoud
WeLCoMe To TTi
I am sure that people here will help , enjoy your stay here and if you want you can check the forums in TTI

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قل هو الله أحد
wa alaikoom assalam brother !

welcome to TTI & to Islam

I pray that Allah (glorified He may be) grant you happiness in both worlds. Amin.


:salam2: brother
:SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206:to islam
may ALLAH make the path easy for you AMEEM
if you need any help we are here to help you inshallah.

:salam2: i would like to thanks to all who help me, i am proud say im a member of muslim community now i just take my shahada yesterday :salah:


New Member
assalam, i thank you all my brother and sister in Islam, im very happy to be a muslim and part of your community:salah: