Cool Islamic Pictures and Animations Thread


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Assalamu alai'kum

Aren't there any link for those .gifs? I like 'em but I can't use it without the shortcuts :frown: hope you can post it in here Insha Alllaah


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hey sis, i do have some of them N others dat da bro didn't post it, Subhana'ALLAH, Alhadmulilah, Insha'ALLAH, Masha'ALLAH etc In my MSN massenger So if u need them u can PM me sis so dat i may give u my email adress:)
have a nice day
ur sister In ISLAM
Hi sister In Islam

I saw ur quote above to sister 06. I'm not very sure if i send to the right person. Could u kindly let me know how can i use it on my msn.

(email not allowed to be viewed in public on forum)

Thnx & rgds


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elles sont superbes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:salam2: :ma: :ma: :ma: ,what else can we say?????????????????


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Hello, I realy like the site. Very informal, I have finally introduced myself recently. Beside all of that, I was looking at the animations and thought to myself maybe if there is someway i could contribute something. I am an animator, i can do 2d and 3d. Although depending on what the subject is in 3d it can be very tidious and exaughsting. Right now I am working on a animation short about a bum who comes in contact with a jinn. (Got idea from Arabian Nights stories). Anyway if i can help let me know.
Praise be to Allah!