Daily Arabic Word


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Arabic is very beautiful Language, if you wish to know how to speak Arabic, Start with the Arabic Alphabet

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that will be a good Start to you

Wish you all the Best

. Thank you sister... I know the Alphabets because I speak Urdu... Indeed, Arabic is a beautiful language... I will definitely learn INSHALLAH....


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Brothers learn arabic on skype by qualified teacher

Assalamu alaykum

I am a Muslim revert, having taken my shahadah in my youth. I have lived/studied in the Middle East for seven years and have taught Arabic since returning to the west for about four years. I am fluent in both Arabic and English. I am looking for MALE students to teach online on skype in their own time and pace. I am a very patient teacher and currently teach in a well known U.K Masjid. I use the Madina books and will help you excel in Arabic, both reading,listening and speaking Allah willing. Only £8 an hour on skype. I am also willing to teach a group of brothers face to face no less than four and no more than eight at a discounted fee of £6.50 per person in any London location, please bare in mind that this fee includes my travel costs. Please message me here or e-mail me at bleb ONLY MALE STUDENTS PLEASE.