Dear admins and members


Lil' Muslimah
Salaam alaikum all,

I just want to thank you all so much for the heavy amount of knowledge I've gained throughout the years. JazakAllah khairan to you all for contributing to help fellow sisters and brothers, I hope to stay on this website till my last days - no, seriously!

Really though, of course a huge thanks to the admins for their hard work; may Allah reward you for all the effort you put into this and benefiting us with this website full of intelligence. And, what is this website without the members? MashaAllah. I'm not blabbering, I just have the need to post this thread to thank you all; it's the least I can do!

It's been a tough ramadhan for me because of the environment, but hey, the 'environment' of this website is truly a blessing to me.