Does anyone care just wondering


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I can't keep dealing with this reams of I don't know what to call it anymore if I can't get people to just totally get it through your skulls the west are killers, terrorists, drug dealers, and mass murders and run the child kidnapping rings. Here is just one thing I don't know if people saw this but I still can't believe it. The EPA okayed testing of pesticide on foster children


Info Warrior
Well I am working on research for writing an article on eugenics, transhumanism, secret medical experimentation, DARPA , AI Supercomputers, and viruses and robots. It is so wild so over the top I can't believe it. I think I don't want to believe it. Yes the article is 8 years old but who is going to aid those children the most weak and vulnerable of society? Who will defend them? I am just saying I am nothing I haven't done 1/1000 to resist this and get others to resist even though I get visited by Feds for free speech stuff. Personally I don't think most people are ready for how crazy reality is it is like sci-fi.


Laa ilaha ilaa Allah
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I agree there seems to be a lot of crazy and sinister stuff going on.

May Allah swt ruin the plans of the shayateen, and keep the believers on the sirat ul mustaqeem