Question: Drinking Fermented drinks and Islam in Colombia


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Selamun Aleykum everybody!

This will be kind of a weird post but I've constantly been thinking about this ever since April. In April this year, I traveled to Colombia with my Spanish and Journalism teacher along with four classmates. It was an exchange trip. We spent most of our time in the capital Bogota, but for three days we went on excursions in the coffee region. On one of our coffee region trips, we went hiking in a place called Cocora valley. The hike was very difficult actually, but luckily there was a nice little shack at the top of the trail. And the people in the shack offered us drinks to quench our thirst. My choices were:

1. Hot chocolate with cheese
2. Fermented Pineapple juice
3. Water

I chose the fermented pineapple juice drink because it sounded interesting (and because our guide suggested it to us). He also said that if the fermented pineapple drink were to be fermented a day longer, it would turn into an alcoholic drink. I still wanted to try it. It was horrible but I mean it wasn't alcohol yet. However now I think about it and it seems not to have been the halal choice. Was what I did permissible?

A really good thing that I saw in Bogota by the way was a large mosque under construction. Not only was it large, it was being constructed near one of the main roads and it was clearly visible from a great distance. I guess this means that Islam is on the rise even in South America. :)

I loved the country soo much that I was crying at the airport on the way back. I was crying like a baby.


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If it wasn't alcohol yet then it was not an intoxicant... Pineapples age quite fast too, you are guilty of drinking a crummy drink it sounds like to me. :)

Cry like a baby? Seriously???


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wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Yeah better not to drink any "fermented" drinks as they begin to have alcohol in them. Well alhamdulillah sounds nice. We have a few Colombian Muslims on our site in fact @Dawoodi - ma sha Allah, his whole family, brothers sisters, parents, reverted to the Deen :)