Dua for Pakistani brothers and sisters


Striving for Paradise

And now it looks like that After flood and Dengue, America is also threatening to attack Pakistan.
They definitely need a lot of duas.

Jazakallah Khair for reminding us.


Pearl of Islaam

Jazzak Allah khair dear sister for informing us and asking of us to make duas for our beloved brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

May Allah help our brothers and sisters and take away these hardships from them. Ameen ya Allah, You are The Only Helper.

May Allah help and guide our Muslim Ummah.Allahume Ameen



Truly Sympathies to the people of Pakistan.


Please make Dua for the brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

As they are facing flood and killing diseases like Dengue!

Truly Sympathies to the people of Pakistan.

:tti_sister:~May Allah swt ease their problem,help and free them
from their difficult time~Amin!


~May Allah reward you for your kind intention~Amin!

Take care,
~Wassalam :)


Slave of Allah (swt)
aslam o alaikum

JazakAllah khair for this post, you are right lately how things are taking are turn, Pakistan is really in need of alot of duas, but also some action from people, we need to do something about the problems.


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Pakistan.........The country i love the most after my own country is certainly Pakistan. I have met many of its people working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This made Pakistan hold a special place in my heart. Sincerely Pakistan is always in my duas....


Assalaam walaikum,

The home of my father. It was his second Love. Insha'Allah, my brothers and sisters will not suffer.