Elder brother slapped younger


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My elder brother slapped me on my face, in front of my father and my nephew(7 years old). It was 3 slaps hard slaps. Reason was my voice bit upper pitch and louder since then my conscience is not ready to get mingle with him like before. We talked after that but seldom. But seriously I hear and mind cannot forget that cruel event.


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Walaikum Assalam,

Always remember, if you forgive the people on this earth, Allah will forgive you on the day of Judgement, Insha'Allah.

Sometimes, misunderstandings do create fights between siblings, but a good understanding and a forgiving heart must always be present in our life. :)

Checkout this Hadith:

Hazrat Anas ibn Malik reported: The final Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Do not hate each other, do not envy each other, do not turn away from each other, but rather be servants of Allah as brothers. It is not lawful for a Muslim to boycott his brother for more than three days.” (Bukhari: 5718).

Take someone's help, and solve the misunderstandings. Do not hate each other. :)