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salam alikum wa rahmatu allah

im not feeling ok today...i have a toothache
plz make dou'aa for me jazakum allah khir


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Worried. Nervous.

My husband was married before (he divorced her because she cheated on him.. several times) and I am meeting his daughters from that marriage for the very first time today. I've been married to him for 9 years...


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Okay since I got the day off for easter but bitter because I'm ungrateful for what Allah gives me..... bc I only want more


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very much sad and under stress, i miss my parents a lot,they r in Pakistan and i love them too much, i miss them a lot, i miss my mothers love, i miss my fathers love, it has been long time since i ate sth made by my mother. when in Pakistan, i used to come very late around 3 o'Clock in night and my mother was awake and used to ask me , "kujh kha aayen ya ka sheh thah dewaen " means " have u eaten sth or should i make sth for u"
now long time to hear this sentence.i feel i am doing wild goose chase.

after my coming here my fathers health deteriorated because of my departure as i am the eldest son after three daughters now i feel myself guilty for that.

i don't know why all the whole world is running after money money when we know that we have to die and nothing to take back with us.

may Allah give my parents a long life and gives a chance to take care of them .
please all brothers and sisters pray for my parents long life.


Akhi i know how you feel, SubhanAllah i miss everything so much, even my mom's nagging it was so nice.

I was passing by a jewellery store and i saw something which reminded me of my mom i bought it for her, its been 4 months since i bought it ..... I hope i get to give it to her soon.

Make dua Akhi and be strong, im the eldest too and that means we have to be the strongest and hold the family strong Inshallah

catch u later bro


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eeeeeeeeeeeeh m extreeeemely happppppppppppppy 2day
mashallah!!!!hehehe lolz:muslim_child:



ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Welll, here's how i feel right NoW(11.50am:p)>Stressed out(4 lOTs of reasons:frown::(), Tired(couldn't sleep:(:(:(), Hurting(All Over), hypered(Don't kno Y:p), scared(Got a Doc's appointment soon- nEEdles, ugh!:frown:), And Glad('cause i'm still alive:biggrin::biggrin:)
-All Thanks to Allah 'Azza waJallah!>:biggrin::biggrin: