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My husband wants to throw my daughter out of the house cause he does not like her as she is his step-daughter. My children mean the world to me, I just wanted to ask you all what you think I should do.


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assalamu alaykum,

Why does he want throw her out, how old is she?

I think you should do what you can to protect and give the best future for your children. Throwing someone out, even one who is older and has made mistakes, is not the best method for making them behave better. It runs the risk of pushing them further into problems.

You mentioned the reason for her mistreatment is simply that she is not his daughter, obviously this is forbidden in Islam. He should fear Allah and accept and love all the children.


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Dear be strong enough to protect your child. I think the woman has the strength to protect her daughter......when he feel your determination and strong will he will stop this foolishness. You can be week in some other less important matters but when it comes to your daughter you should deal with wisdom and firmness.


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Assalam 'Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

I would like to suggest you to sit down with your husband and to listen all what he has to tell you. After that you can politely tell him if he is wrong and how to solve the issues he has on his mind.

Many a times, situations get worsen due to lack of fruitful conversation within the families. May Allah help you to solve the situation.

Wassalam 'Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Abu Juwairiya

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If you have friends or relatives living near you, it might be a good idea your daughter lives them for a while, at least until something constructive can be sorted out over this issue. You can also speak with her about what she wants and decide how to approach things from there.

If your husband has no problems with your daughter other than her being a step daughter alone, then at least one positive sign is that she is not to blame for anything. Perhaps your husband can speak to someone such as a scholar, a learned person or maybe even a understanding Imam.

As it is Ramadan, your duas are more likely to be answered now that at other times, especially as you are in a dire situation. Ask Allah and He will prepare a way out for you inshallah.