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Salam alykom
if somebody is recovering from Anorexia Nervosa do u think they should be fasting in ramadhan? for example if they start fasting they may get back into the habit of fasting to to thin etc.

And if somebody has clinical anxiety is it the devils doing or thier own? coz thier is a verse within the quran about the devil leading us to insanity however thier is also people who are just destined to be mentaly ill? coz thier are ruleing about people who are insane and what they should do about thier prayer etc.
so if god gave us this to follow then surely he knows of these people and thier not of the devil but it is thier destiny?


to Allah we belong

1. sister, even if someone have Anorexia Nervosa....he or she should fast. to avoid getting back the habit, the person should try self-control.

2. there are two types of cases....some are ill due to jinn's presence and some due to mental illness. yes, Allah knows everything and He will decide between them in Last Day.

3. He told us to recite ayat kursi, last 3 chapters of Quran for protection against devils and we are allowed to take medicines for mental illness.

4. having devil possession or mental illness, both are part of destiny created by Allah.