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Im a revert to Islam, (about 6 months now) so, im fairly new. I am starting just now to really study more about Islam, because I reverted when i just new the principles of Islam (which where already my beliefs anyway, MashaAllah) And now it is getting really hard for me, with my family, and facing the forever present misconceptions about Islam. People seem to believe that Islam is such a different religion, where women are oppressed, and have no choices, where I have found that it is totally opposite! No one can make you do anything in Islam, it must come from your heart, and be genuine, so there is no room for any woman to be made to do anything against her will. I think that if many people in society would just learn the principles of Islam, they would find that this religion makes so much sense, and may not be very different to what they already believe, as I have come across many people that were brought up as Christians, and now can't see the sense in it. For example, that there is a trinity. From what I understand, the people that I talk to (family and friends) believe in one God, who controls everything, and made everything, and decides weather we are worthy of entering paradise/heaven (does this sound like the very principle of Islam?) But when I ask them about Islam, all that comes of it is negativity. They do not even want to know about it, learn about it. Rather, they prefer to rely on the media for their education about Islam, saying that they are happy with the way they are... If only they knew the real Islam. And only if they could open their eyes, and know that Islam is the most empowering religion when it is followed correctly. People seriously believe such bacward things about Islam, such as that women are sexually assulted as a punishement! From my knowledge, this is so UN-Islamic and so morally wrong. Muslims really need to work hard these days to correct these misconseptions. Just doing small things, such as talk to your non-muslim friends about Islam, and telling them about your daily life, that you are not oppressed, or forced into anything. And men, letting other men know how much respect you have for women, and also displaying this everyday, so people can see it practised and not just said. And everyone, tell people how much peace your religion gives you!! I pray for these things.. every Dua! So that I can one day talk openly with my family about Islam without immediately being attacked with ill-informed 'facts' from them, ie. 'women get beat by their husbands' and 'the men are terrorists' and 'you will never get a husband if you dont look pretty, (if you cover yourself fully)' My answer to this was, "ok, so i am i meant to walk around with my chest out so i can get a guy who only wants me for this? My looks, and not my brains??" Please make Dua for me, everyone, that I can have strength to talk more to my family about these issues, and that I can follow Islam truely and closely, by wearing Hijab too. Please help undo the misconceptions of Islam brothers and sisters, so that one day, InshaAllah, these people can find true peace in worshipping the one God, Allah.

ps (im sorry if this doesnt make sense :p)


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First of all: Assalamu alaykum my dear sister in Islam,

Masha'Allah, your post made perfect sense. :)
Alhamdulillah that Allah has given you Hidaya.
May He make everything easy for you and increase your faith and knowledge in Islam, as with all of us. Ameen.

It's true that it is also the duty of all Muslims to call to Islam (give Daw'ah).
Whether it be through our character, our words, or our actions.
We must give Islam its true light, by following it to the best of our abilities and becoming the best Muslims we can. Insha'Allah.

But not meaning to intrude, WELCOME to TurnToIslam sis :) I'm gonna give you balloons, cuz i can :p



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may Allah make your path to jannah an easy journey. InshaAllah will make things easier for you. make sure you learn as much as you can from the religion and don't hesitate to ask questions.

ps: it did make sense..:SMILY335:

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Assalamu alaikum Sister Melissa,

Welcome to TTI!!! You make a lot of sense. You are 100% right. If only they knew the beauty of Islam.

That`s what this website is for, correcting misconceptions about Islam. Feel free to browse around. You might also want to print some topics to show to your family, or even invite them to visit this website.

Use the search engine at the top of the page to look for certain topics on your mind. Almost everything has been covered here beautifully.

Our revert Brothers and Sisters are a great inspiration for the newly reverts and born muslims alike. They too shared with us their experiences.

You have a lot of reading to catch up on, but believe me you`ll enjoy every minute of it. :wink:

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Thanks everyone for your support.. and the balloons :) I know, i love this site, ive been coming here way before i reverted :p thanks

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Dear sister::salam2:
I am very happy for you...Allah swt choosed you to be a follower of his message which is the same message of all the prophets through history: Islam. We all suffer from the misconceptions about Islam even in some islamic country .....Islam is such a great noble call that lift souls up and purify hearts ....sorry to say that many things are blocking the way to Islam :
1 The lies about Islam media is promoting.
2 the Shaytan who whispers with evil all the times.
3 the vain deries in hearts of people.
4 Our laiziness (we muslems) in following the message in a perfect manner.
:tti_sister: I make duaa to Allah swt to help us to represent Islam as we should
:salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah: :salah:

With best wishes sister


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Welcome to TTI and most importantly welcome to ISLAM.

It’s nice to have u join this lovely community.

Insha Allah u benefit from us as we from u.

Enjoy ur stay Insha Allah,

If u have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask we are all here to help one another and to learn from one another as well.

Take Care,


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Wow, thank you so much everyone, for your support, and to Ayman especially for your comments and passages from the Qu'ran and from Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)! Ill use some of these points to convince my family :)


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assalamu aleikum sister.I'm a revert too and I understand exactly how u feel.But don't try to push hard on your family,just focus on more on your faith.They can only see it with their eyes.I've tried to talk to my parents so many times,but the only way I learned is to show them how islam is.Take care of them more,pay more attention to them ,do everything as islam teaching us,with the time inshaalah they will see .My family was always thinking that i will give up,but its been 2 years since I'm muslim alhamdulillah,they respect my choise .Its only Allah knows if they will believe or not one day.
Very happy for u...


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Asalaamu Alaykum

Dear mellisa i'm so sorry you going through this and we all through it's imtihan. be patience pray and make lot of duaa and Allah will be with you like he guide you to the right path. we make duaa for you inshaalla.

wasalmu alaykum



Please know you have joined a very large family.
Listen to the quiet voice within you and let that guide you and give you strenght.
As you put into action your faith...the light of your sprit will shine...your family loves you..they don't know the why's of what you are them...and keep praying..
you are shaking them from thier slumber and making them re-evaluate who they are..give them space and time..