Freedom for Afghanistan


Afghan president Hamid Karzai demanded the UN to set a timeline for end of military intervention in Afghanistan.

This tells it all. Even the president who is guarded by American soldiers has had enough and wants the occupiers leave.

But the politicians in UK and USA are still telling the world that their military is needed there for the good of the Afghan people.

What else do these war-mongering politicians need to hear to be convinced that they are not wanted in Afghanistan?

Do you guys think occupation of Afghanistan will ever end?
Do you think that the financial hardships that the world in general and the Western nations in particular are faced with, will finally push the public to deemand the end of illegitimate wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and deemand the return of their troops so that the money that is spent on bombs could be spent in their own countries to pay wages and create jobs?
Asalaam'alikum brother Bawar,

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The finacial crisis that the American empire is facing is due to the unjust grievances & inhuman killing spree. God punishes the aggressors. Light always covers darkeness and truth always abolishes falsehood. What goes up, must come down. It's the old gravity rule an now the American empire is on the verge of collapsing.

America of today is the Pharoah of yesterday, and for every Pharoah there will be a Musa (pbuh).

We can't expect Western invaders to leave, because this is what they for a sport & to extend their empire & all the corruption with it. Even if they choose to stay in Afghanistan, Iraq, they will fail, because Allah is the Best of Planners.

Afghanistan has been invaded by many, including Alexander the great, the Mongols, the British, the Russians, and now the U.S and subhanallah they've gained victory in all of them! Afghans are the most noble, brave, and courageous people on earth.

Even American actor Sylvester Stallone once said that Afghans are the most kindest people on earth. They'll invite you to their house for a cup of tea but if you try to invade their land you'll be facing one of the toughest warriors.

May Allah azza wa jal give victory to all the Muslims against the oppressors. Ameen.


قل هو الله أحد
All occupations come to an end.

Don't expect the occupiers to tell the truth. It is just not going to happen. Truth might be known 50-100 years later.

My own readings is that Western forces are preparing the public for the concept of installing a dictator in their place as they leave. This looks like the best type of defeat. They don't have enough sectarian strife in Afghanistan to enable them to do the "divide & rule" as they did in Iraq. It will cost the Afghans dearly. May Allah (Glorified He maybe) have mercy on the innocents & the week.


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yes i think the americans will soon have to leave Afghanistan. its so clear they should just leave as they are failing right in front of themselves. if they want to invade Afghanistan, it will never happen. every other day the americans and other foreign forces lose dozens of soldiers. but they tell their people back home that only one or two died or they keep it complete secret. even as can be seen Hamid karzai is asking them to pls leave. they are just causing destruction. obama's policy of bringing more troops to Afghanistan will not help the situation. they will just lose their troops everyday. so if they want to kill their own soldiers, Afghanistan is the place, lol

with Allah's help, inshaAllah


Allah will decide
Very Well said! alhumdulilah! The US is falling and falling fast, like is just time.....and time is nothing.


Wa alaikumussalam brother TheHumbleWun!

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You wrapped it up all nicely.

There was a time when the world considered America (usa) to be protecting human rights and freedoms of individuals and nations around the world and that was mainly because Soviet Union was acting in the same way as the usa is doing now while the usa seemed to be standing against it.

It was invading sovereign nations and the world was living in fear of them. They did not give their own people free choice neither and were ruling the country by military dictatorship.

The usa took advantage of that situation and made many allies in the world. But after the collapse of the USSR, the usa started millitary campaigns around the world in much more aggressive manner than the Russian USSR.

USSR collapsed in 1989 and the usa started with their first invasion of Iraq in 1991.

My whole point is that the US was looking the good guy in the presence of the USSR, but after atrocities of several wars and killing of several millions of people and starving many others and bringing about the current financial crisis to the world, the people of the world would love to see the back of the US empire and as it seems, hopefully that will come soon.

And inshallah, Afghanistan will be free again.

My advice to the young soldiers who fight against the poor people of my country is this: Go back home and let us live and do not deprive yourelves of life as those (bush and his comrades) who sent you to this war will be living happily after you die for nothing.
Ohh, I didn't know that, mashaAllah. JazakAllah khairan brother for telling me and Mabrook brother HumbleWun.

Asalaam'alikum brother Mohsin,

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yes brother, i do believe and hope that all of the occupations in muslim lands including that of afghanistan and pakistan will end inshaAllah. We have strong muslims out there who are fighting the enemy on daily basis to win OUR freedom back. and Allah swt does not forsake his servants and certainly not those who are TRUE SERVANTS TO HIM. So do not let the plans of the kuffar make you weary and doubtful, because soon Allah swt will give us victory. and i trust that Allah swt will restore peace and justice to all the lands of islam, and that one day our children will be able to play and enjoy the peace without gunshootings and bombings. and someday we will look back at all the wars that took place and we will praise Allah swt and say "Alhamdulillah that Allah has given us peace and justice, truely He is merciful and kind". so akhi bawar do not worry. Victory is near and never despair of the hope and mercy of Allah. if Allah swt has told us that he won't forsake his servants, then he won't for truely He is truthful and powerful. So yes once again, i do believe and trust that Allah swt will make the occupiers run from the lands of Islam. asalamu alaykum wrwb.


Yes, we will meet in jannah inshALLAH but I want to see you in this world first, so that I could recognize you there.. lol

I see you have a talent for bargaining with an accountant; besides, the dollar currency isn't worth much today anyways. You're better off with nothing than something with nothing.


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This thread is also changed now. So I will try to tell something about 2 topics.

Firstly, MABROOK brother TheHumbleWun for your marriage (completed half of deen). May ALLAH (swt) grant you a happy life and pious children for whom the ummah will be proud of.:muslim_child:

Secondly, it is the decree of ALLAH that many muslim nations are under war. The only thing we need is UNITY in the path of ALLAH. InshaALLAH every enemy will be defeated with the will of ALLAH (swt) if we unite. My duas is always with my brothers and sisters in Iraq, Falastiin, Afganistan, India, Sheeshan (the muslim land near Russia) and all the muslims an the globe.

wassalam 'alaikum and once again mabrook to brother TheHumbleWun

-brother IbnAdam-


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hey this is nice what IbnAdam77 has said:
Secondly, it is the decree of ALLAH that many muslim nations are under war. The only thing we need is UNITY in the path of ALLAH. InshaALLAH every enemy will be defeated with the will of ALLAH (swt) if we unite. My duas is always with my brothers and sisters in Iraq, Falastiin, Afganistan, India, Sheeshan (the muslim land near Russia) and all the muslims an the globe.