Funny Dua - For those who understand Urdu


Smile for Allah

Okay if Mahzala is aunty.... nevermind, better not complete that sentence.
Of course we missed you. And I was pausing at the "Bee tea double yew" wondering what that was before I got it. (btw)

Sorry, maybe I should translate it because now I feel bad:


Ya Allah, save me from lentils and bread, and feed me meat and bread.
Ya Allah, save me from fried bread-vegetables, and feed me gulatthi (kind of sweet milk pudding) and biryani.
Ya Allah, save me from potatoes and chickpeas, feed me nihari (awesome meat dish) and bread.

Ya Allah, save me from okra and gourd, feed me kidney and sirri.. (some part of a goat's/cow's head)

Ya Allah, save me from turnips, feed me <can't understand this part>

Ya Allah, feed me Murgh Musallam (roasted chicken), feed me best of the best hunted meat. Fish, eggs, partridge, quail, peacock, deer, etc (names tons more animals which I don't know what they are).

Ya Allah, feed me Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Rajbhog, Malai Chop, Misri-Mawa, Rabri (all types of fattening sweets)
Ya Allah, save me from a Jalebi cooked in Oil, and feed me Laddoo made in authentic ghee. Ya Allah, feed me authentic ghee milk-cake, authentic ghee phenni (type of vermicilli), halwa of all types - carrot, walnut, egg halwa, etc. Ya Allah, whenever I feel like drinking Juice, provide me juice - orange, papaya, pineapple, berries, pomegranate. Ya Allah, grant me mango juice, Ya Allah grant me Lassi, Ya Allah, grant me milk, grant me all the best of the best fruits - various types of oranges, pomegranate, plums, mango, chiku, sitaphal,

And Allah, whatever I've forgotten you please take care of it, You are the Most Caring, Able to do Anything.

----End of translation----

There, Janaan, happy now? Now what do I get in return?


فَتَبَارَكَ اللَّهُ أَحْسَنُ الْخَالِقِينَ
Wa`alaikum salaam warahmatullaah!
Jazaakillahu khayraa, (you too aunty Mahzala!) I didn't go too far ukhty. What had happened was... I was diagnosed with TTI-addiction, so I went away to seek treatment for it, and I had participated in many TTIA meetings (turntoislam-Anonymous aka my own version of AA meets). I've been clean for almost a month now, it's getting easier day by day. :SMILY126:

There is nothing more rewarding to one's own conscience than knowing you haven't fed your desires, be it an online forum addiction. Keep at it, you only get stronger :)
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