Game Islamic Words with Meaning and With Same Letter.


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Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuhu

Dear brothers and sisters hope u are well due to Allah's grace and mercy..

in this time do allow me to posting one games with title :

" Game Islamic Words with Meaning and With Same Letter" : ) Hope u love it..

I will star wiht Letter F :

Faith : Emaan

Fa-idah: Benefit

Fajr: Morning prayer, which is offered after dawn and before sunrise. Dawn.

Fardu Ayn: A compulsion on every Muslim male and female.

Fee Sabeelil Laah: In the way of Allah.

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Hasanat- Good deeds
Hafiz- someone who has memorised all Qur'an
Hajji- someone who has been for Pilgrimage
Hidayah- the guidance of Allah swt
Haroon (saws) - a Prophet of Allah

Next, I


We hear and we Obey.
Islam(إسلام)- "Peace" Submission to Allah -A'aza wa jal-.
Imaan(إيمان)- Faith, belief.
Ikhwah(إخوة)- Fraternity, brotherhood (Brothers in religion).
Ibn(ابن)- Son of 'so and so' .
Ihsaan(إحسان)- Goodness, kindness, respect.
Ilaah(إله)- God
Insaan(إنسان)- Mankind, man, human-being.
Ithm(إثم)- Sin, bad, evil, wrong doing



Not a perfect Muslim but a striving one! :)
Jahannam- the Hell Fire
Jannah- Paradise
Jihad- to struggle in the cause of Allah (awj)
Jilbab- a loose fitting dress that covers a woman's body
Jummah- Friday congregation
Junub- an unclean person
Juz- one of the 30 portions the Quran is divided into

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We hear and we Obey.
Kaamil(كامل)- Complete, perfect.
Kareem(كريم)- Noble; Generous.
Kitaab(كتاب)- Book.
Khutbah(خطبة)- Speech; Lecture.
Khaleefah(خليفة)- Caliph Successor.
Kalimah(كلمة)- Word.
Kursi(كرسي)- Chair, throne.
Kurrasah(كراسة)- Note-book.
Kaafir(كافر)- Disbeliever.