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Dear brothers and sisters, as generations pass by, the people change day by day. The generation gap has changed the world. Muslims who were once considered to be peace-loving are now bombarding in many places.
I would like to speak about games. The players are now using foul means to win matches. The best example for this one is the football final match of France vs Italy. All the Italian and French players were pushing each other, making them fall down just to take the ball from them. They were being given yellow cards frequently.
Does these foul means occur beacuse the players like them? Or do they make the game interesting? Or do they attract various people?
:astag: Only and only to win these players use foul means. This match was being watched by thousands and thousands of peaple worldwide. The sudden turn of the head-butt shocked the audience and brought tears in the eyes of the fans of France. The event occured because the Italian player used foul language. This means that the players now not only use their body parts but also their tongues.
May these foul means stop and may the games be played peacefully. Ameen!