Gangster Youth

Umm Aysha

*Strive for Jannah*

Gangster Youth

It saddens me,
When I see brothers and sisters being gangster wannabe's

Not praying like they should,
Hanging on street corners in the hood,

Fighting over gang turf,
Like something outta the smurfs,

Hanging out like thugz,
Drinking alcohol and taking drugs,

Tryna be like 50 cents,
But on the last day he aint gonna be worth 50 pence,

Even when its Ramadan,
They don't give two about islam,

They'd rather live there twisted ideologies,
But on the last day there won't be time for apologies,

They tryna be the next best thing,
But listen carefully to my linguistic sting,

Islam aint just for Fridays,
If you think that prepare to be set ablaze,

So keep hold of your imaan,
And follow the Islamic clan,

The reward in the hereafter is gonna be greater,
So keep Islamic, coz we all gonna die sooner or later,

Don't kid yourself into thinking your still young,
Indeed this is the shaytaans tongue,

Take heed of the quran and sunnah,
And islam will take you to jannah,

Now sadly I must end,
But, contemplate the words I spoke my friend..


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Asalamualaikum wr wb .Subhanallah. Let's ask , and seek help from Allah swt for all ummat muhammad to be bless, guide to the right path. InsyaAllah. we must unite duaa and ask for help from Allah Swt for all ummat muhammad. Subhanallah

Jazaakillahu kheiran for sharing!!! Unfortunate but true many of our youths are heading towards that direction. May Allah guide us all.



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wa alaykum salam,

yes true, a lot of people are like that... not just those wanting be gangsters.

Allah help us all and make pleasing Allah our Goal in life, for its reward is unimaginable and stupid for us to ignore.


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assalam o alaikum
its very good, mashallah!

it fits perfectly with my laughing at teachers, swearing at other kids, and calling people who wanna learn nerds........
its pitiful, but so much peer preasure!

allah help and guide us all


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thanks sis like it ever much i send it to all my friends to benefit from it
thanks any ways may allah be plzed with u


Saifu deen


Jazaki Allahu khayran sister for your nice words.. I hope our youths open their eyes and minds...

May I take this opportunity since many people visited your thread 'poem', to add the below link that is related to this matter.. inshallah..

A sincere message to muslim youths from a famous ex-rapper who found islam, Qur'an, Sunnah more rewarding than millions $$$ life style..

(Sorry to send this link twice, but I guess not many people seen my thread based on this issue, so I took this chance, since your main objective to reach the youths)

Wassalamu Alykom..


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Oh that was so well said.
Really liked it so much :ma:.
I have already forwarded it to my all my frndz.
Barak Allahu Khair Sister


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Masha'Allah one great poem
may Allah reward you for it Ameen
May Allah guide the Muslim youth of today

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assalam alkum warahmato allah wabarakatoh.

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