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well of course most people i think are still in there happy little worlds because they dont watch the news. but if anyone has been keeping up whats in the news...

but since im always been a studier of religion, like anyone else most will know most end time prophecies are centered around the middle east. especially in the 3 major faiths ( judaism, christianity,islam) but either way if you look at the quran and the bible there are two big prophecies that might be not be related to direct fighting that is going on right now; but later in the future. in the quran if im not mistaken states there will be victory over the jews and the bible says the jews will have victory. if anyone has ever read the bible especially the first 5 books of the bible; they will recognize the style of warfare Israel is doing is nothing new.There have been times the different jewish tribes with "an enemy" recieved revelation to "wipe everyone out" including women and children. but of course today israel is not a religious ran state and the, temple is not intact and there is no high priest to even recieve such a revelation or would anyone at this point would say they recieved any revelation from God. but it is prophecized in the bible that the temple will be rebuilt; which does go through a portion of palestinian territory; so i dont know if this pushing palestinians further out will allow for there to be land to build the temple, allowing this prophecy to happen???

any comments anyone who studies scripture from any religion text from any religion regarding end time prophecies surrounding the middle east.