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I watched yesterday at al jazeera channel live that a famous egyptian scholar says in his lecture that we must boycot the isreali and american product.Moreover, we should help out them with food and money.and he also calls from opening Rafah passage.What DO U THINK

Oem Soufiane

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It seems obvious to me, since a part of the profit these brands make are sent to support 'israel' and we all know what they are doing with our money,

The passage should always be open for muslims, but egypt is more interested in it's 'important' and friendly relationships with the kafir- and


Hubbi Li Rabbi
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After 10 days of attacks...we need a scholar to come and tell us send money and food out to people in Gaza?


I thought we'd clear on that *already*!

Boycotting is one method which can help..but how many people will *fully* commit to it?...I know people who got "sick" of boycotting Danish products and went back to using them..and we all know what the Danish sobhanallah

I think in the case we are doing something like gathering donations of clothes..we don't need anyone to direct us (with all due respect to the scholar of course!)..even if we have to collaborate with organizations from other countries and other faiths to get these donations to their intended destinations..

We have no time to wait for permissions and such..when people are in need..they are in we should just gather the compassion within our hearts along with some generosity..and interpret them into action for those we are to help