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Although I didnt understand the arabic part this was just disappointing. Knowing that innocents kids die each day ,people being tortured and locked up for no reason and most of all they are our Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

May Allah Forgive us all.
& Bring Unity to the Muslim Ummah



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This video made me cry soo much, it's so sad to see how people are suffering around the world, it makes the troubles in our lives seem smaller, that's where you should thank Allah swt and pray for those who arn't living a life like yours. May Allah Protect us all and guide through this life to a better ending inshallah. Ameen



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Assalamu alaikum,
Thanks for the video. When i watch this it makes me cry. It is the truth and sometimes we dont think about things that are happening until we watch them. It is sad to see that these things have to happen. May allah (swt) watch over all of the people who are suffering.


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Asalaam moealaikom warahmatu ALlaah

This is a very beautifull and emotional nasheed..

I ask for someone who has this in mp3 format..

Djazaakum ALlaahu gairan team TTI

Wa'alaikom asalaam warahmatu Allaahi wabarakatuhu


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This is deffinately a very touching video. It was very very upsetting for me to watch this. Our muslim brothers and sisters are going through so much hardship in the world, i make dua that allah gives them all strength and sabar that they need and for allah to make it easy for them. ameen


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sub7anallah jazakalalh 4 posting

we must wake up and do something! not just hope that everything will be alright!


Subhana Allah!
jazak Allahu khayra

:SMILY23::SMILY23::SMILY23: that was really relly sad, may Allah protect all muslims, we r totally lost may Allah help us we can`t help our selfes coz we r not been good muslims. jazak Allah khyra it was the best:girl3:


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Asalamu alikum

I found the video heart touching!
Though the actual situation is known to those who raelly undergo such atrocities,but thn such videos act as eye openers for the viewers!



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SubhanAllah just discovered this video and indeed this site!
Just watching it wrenches your heart out and puts you in your place. Yes we can ashamedly climb back into our holes where we've hiding.
May Allah forgive us for not hearing the cries of our people although they are loud and clear.

I wonder what these people in the vid are doing this Ramadan. I wonder if they are opening their fast alone. I wonder if they are able to open their fast at all....

JazakumAllah Khayr for sharing an dfor this excellent site mashaAllah.