Haasabu Anfusakum Qabla an Tuhaasabu!


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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As-salamu 'Aleykum Beloved brothers N sisters!
...Sorry about the title- I'm afraid if I translate it into english, it might seem wrong...but hopefully someon'll know what it really means In english N tell us Insha'allah!

Everyone has a turn they'll go
when they shall be sent down low
your soul is going to be taken away
your life will end astray.

Are you ready to face your lord!?
who hears all your spoken words,
The one who made you out of clay
who blesses you with food everyday

He did everything for you in your life,
But when death comes It'll cut you like a knife!
you'll go six feet under the ground
there'll be cries in every sound

And that day will be your last,
everything you did/had will desolve fast
Then All your record will be flown to Allaah
Zakkat, Sawm, Hajj and your Salaah

What people thought of you won't matter,
'cause All their silly thoughts'll be shattered
All that will matter will be what Allah(SWT) thought
So All your distractions shall be fought.

Get ready to face the One who creates
With Him you won't get a chance to debate.

Get your life right before it Ends
choose carefully when it comes to friends.

Obey Allah and follow His rules,
Don't act like the kuffaar who are fools.
And remember that life is a Major Test,
So stay focused, If you want to pass and join The Best!

*This poem was written by ma Sister Hamdi Nur:)..so I hope you'll All like as much as I did!:biggrin::biggrin:

Take care:SMILY259: