Hadith about women as domestic animals


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Salam, I recently came over a "hadith" that apparently referred to women as domestic animals. This hadith is at tabari 9:113. Can anyone shed sum light on this hadith


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Wa alikum assalam.
Who is the writer of this tabari as u (recently came over a "hadith" that apparently referred) read?
As much as i know Tabari is a name of a place know as "Tabaristan" Iranian province. So any one form there can use this name with his name as a title to distinguish his Identity.

Any way i gaze u get it from something like anti Islamic site or books!


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Assalamu alaykum

That is not a "hadith". Please bring some proper evidence.. I did google search and saw it was spread on anti-Islam sites.

: ) In the context of the Quran and Sunnah, we know that women have an elevated status. Look at the amount that is written out of love of mothers, daughters and wives. There is even a chapter in the Qur'an named "The Women", as well as one named after a woman, "Maryam". If women were seen so negatively (as animals), then this would not be the case.

wasalamu alaykum


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Salam, I recently came over a "hadith" that apparently referred to women as domestic animals. This hadith is at tabari 9:113. Can anyone shed sum light on this hadith

Eselamu alejkum we rahamtullah we berekatuhu

This is exactly how many Muslim men, especially those coming from Arab countries treat woman, they do not respect them, neither they give them rights which are reserved for them by Islamic principles and Islamic teachings. And Allah knows the best.

We alejkumu sellam we rahamtullah we bereaktuhu.

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About women in Islam, I would like to quote a post in Salamyou, posted by Rose Diamond:


Of my mind it tells the best way how Islam treats women.


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These days many people try to show the face of Islam cruel and ugly (through some media materials, books and Internet) they even misuse the verses of Quran (like Daesh group). They want nothing but misleading people and want to get power. We should be careful not to accept whatever we hear. but we should find firm evidence. Before reading Islamic sources make sure they are Islamic not anti Islamic.
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Um Ibrahim

Alhamdulilah :)
No Muslim man of sound mind with knowledge of Islam will ever treat women with disrespect. It's always those who are ignorant of Islam's even basic laws and who follow their own traditions and cultures that think badly of women and treat them horribly. Many of them think it makes them "manly" to treat their women bad but they don't realize how cowardly and childish they come across.


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Ma Sha Allah. I think we all have a same view on this thread.
And it's looks ugly to read the thread name with that word (animal) in everytime.
This is nothing but a propaganda of a anti Islamic party.

May Allah guide all of us. Ameen.


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i only pay attention to muslim or bukhari because thery were closest to the roots and checked the whole chain.. even this was 200years after the profhet so more i don't trust them especially on internet there are tooo many fake ahadith