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Can someone kindly post a link from where one can read in detail who Halima Sadia was?

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Halima Sadia cared for Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) when he was a child. She cared him for the first four years of his life. Her husband's name was Harith.

The Prophet was entrusted to Halima Sadia. She was a poor wet nurse. She and her husband only had a donkey and old she-camel. She did not even have enough milk to feed the other child in her care. It was also the year of famine and drought so they would constantly pray for rain.

None of the other Bedouin wet nurses wanted to take the child Muhammad because he was an orphan. When a child was returned to the family of the foster child, they would reward the wet nurse generously. They couldn’t expect to gain many riches from a child who was an orphan. Every woman got a child to bring up but Halima, who had arrived last and did not find a child to foster. She was ready to go back when she decided to return and collect the child Muhammad, even though he was an orphan.

as soon as she lifted Muhammad (pbuh), her fortunes turned right around and her life was filled with immense good fortune. Both Muhammad and the other foster child were fully fed, even though the previous night there was no milk for the other child. The old she camel, which had not given a drop of milk, was soon over flowing with milk. Halima was at the very back of the group of women but now was at the front of the group. This was indeed a great blessing for this poor Bedouin family.

Halima knew that she had a blessed child with all the miracles and blessings she was seeing with her own eyes. Halima’s herd of goats used to come home full, and over flowing with milk. The rest of the Bedouins' goats used to come home scraggy and empty. They used to complain to the shepherd to take the sheep and goats to the same place that Halima takes her flock! There were many more signs about how her life was turned around.

After two years, Muhammad was returned to His mother Amina, but soon Amina was persuaded by Halima to return the baby back with them for another two years. At this time, Halima told Amina about the great blessings that she had received when Muhammad was in her care. There was also an illness in Makkah and the child would be protected from it.

A strange incident took place in the prophet’s childhood. Once both Muhammad and his foster brother were playing in the yard with the goats when the Angel Jibrael appeared to them. The Angel came split open Muhammad’s chest, took out his heart, removed a blood clot and washed it in Zamzam. The angel then returned the heart to Muhammad's body before going away. The angel said this was the part of shaytan in you.

His foster brother ran to Halima and said that Muhammad has been murdered. She rushed out and found Muhammad standing with a pale white face. She checked over his body and found that he was fine.

Very shortly she returned him to Amina, his mother. Amina found out from Halima about the events that had taken place. Amina assured Halima that Muhammad was not under the influence from any devil or jinn but even when she was expecting him she had seen great marvels and miracles. Muhammad was returned to the care of his mother Amina and continued to live with her and Barakah.

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