Have You Thanked Allah?


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Have You Thanked Allah?
by Imâm Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

Taken from “Uddat as-Sâbireen wa Dhâkirat ash-Shâkireen”

Salmân al-Fârsî radhiyAllahu anhu said:

“There was a man who was given many of the luxuries of this world, and then they were taken away from him. But he continued to praise and thank Allâh until everything had been taken from him, even his bed. And then he still praised and thanked Allâh. Another man, who had also been given many of the luxuries of this world asked him, ‘What are you praising and thanking Allâh for?’ The man said, ‘I am praising and thanking Him for blessings which, if others asked me to give them to them in return for all that they have, I would never give them up.’ ‘What can they be?’ asked the second man. ‘Can’t you see?’ asked the first man. ‘I have my eyesight, my tongue, my hands, my feet...’”

Layth ibn Abî Burdah said:

‘When Allâh gathers people on the Day of Judgement, He will remind them of His blessings. One of His slaves will say: “Remind me of something,” and Allâh will say: “Remember when you faced such-and-such adversity, and you prayed to Me, so I relieved you of it. Remember when you were travelling in such and-such a place, and you asked Me to give you a travelling companion, and I did so... Remember when you asked for the hand of so-and-so the daughter of so-and-so, and others also asked for her hand, so I gave her to you to marry; and kept the others away.” His slave will be standing before his Lord, Who will remind him of His many blessings.’” Then the narrator of this story (Layth) wept and said, "I hope that no one will stand before his Lord in this way, because the one who does so will be punished." (i.e. if Allâh has to point out that which should be obvious, this is a sign of a person’s ingratitude, and he will be punished.)

A man of knowledge said:

“The blessing of Allâh to us in keeping the luxuries of this world away from us is greater than the blessing of that which he has given us, because Allah did not like His Prophet to have the luxuries of this world. So I prefer to live in the manner which Allâh preferred for His Prophet than to live a life which He disliked for him.”

Ibn Abi’d-Dunyâ said:

“It was narrated to me that some scholars said: ‘The scholar should praise Allâh for having deprived him of the luxuries of this life, in the same way that he should praise Him for what He has bestowed upon him. How can you compare the blessings and luxuries for which he will be accountable to the deprivation of luxuries which is a relief from being tested, and which keeps his mind free to worship and remember Allâh? So he should give thanks to Allâh for all of that.’”

A man said to Abû Hâzim:

“What is the gratitude of the eyes?” He said, “If you see good things, you speak about them, and if you see bad things, you keep quiet about it.” He asked, “What is the gratitude of the ears?” He said, “If you hear something good, you accept it, and if you hear something bad, you reject it.” Then he asked, “What is the gratitude of the hands?” He said, “Do not take what which does not belong to you, and do not hold back from paying the dues of Allâh (zakât).” Then he asked, “What is the gratitude of the head?” He said: “To have knowledge in it.” Then he asked, “What is the gratitude of one’s private parts?”

He quoted:

“‘Who guard their private parts, except from those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess – for (in their case) they are free from blame, but those whose desires exceed those limits are transgressors’” (al-Mu’minûn 23:5-7).

Ibn Abi’d-Dunyâ mentioned that Dâwûd (peace be upon Him) asked Allâh: “What is the least of Your blessings?” Allâh revealed to him: “O Dâwûd, take a breath.” Dâwûd did so, and Allâh told him: “This is the least of My blessings on you.”


Pearl of Islaam

MashAllah. :tti_sister:

May Allah reward you dear brother for sharing with us. It is remaiding me Surah Ar Rahman where Allah subhan wa teala is mentioing us so many blessings that He gave us SubhanAllah.

We can never thank enough to our Rabb for everything that He gave us.

May Allah make us His greatfull Servants. Ameen ya Rabby



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Salaam alaikum!

Jazaakallaahu khayr for this beneficial post brother! May Allaah continue to shower you with His blessings !

Allaah Al-mighty's blessings are countless wallah! Most of us(myself included of course) fail to give thanks to Him for even the tiniest of them! Subhanallah!
One thing I can never forget to thank Him for is my identity though! He chose me to be of the religion of all the prophets! =) Alhamdulillaah!

Allahumma laka-al-hamdu alaa ni`mat al-Islaam!!!


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I really liked this post, so... I made it into a video (and added stuff).. :D (It's my first video so it isn't that good btw).



Assalaam walaikum,

Baby sis,

Today you made me cry with gratitude. It is a beautiful video and I used to play that nasheed when the boys were babes until they fell asleep.


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Assalaam walaikum,

Baby sis,

Today you made me cry with gratitude. It is a beautiful video and I used to play that nasheed when the boys were babes until they fell asleep.

Walaykum assalam.

Alhamdulillah. That's so sweet, sis. JazakAllahu khayr. :)


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SubhanAllah this was beautiful!

JazakhAllah kheir for posting

It reminded me of Ramadhan and how when you break your fast you get tears in your eyes remembering how grateful you are to have been given food by Allah t'ala.


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Jazak'Allah Khayr!

Thank you for the reminder. I am really grateful, and thankful, and always will be, for giving me opportunity to practice Islamic activities especially during the Ramadan to earn my closer to Allaah (SWT) spiritually.

Always, and should be thankful. All Praises belong to Allaah (SWT) alone, Lord of the Worlds!