Having doubt about Islam


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I firmly believe in a higher intelligence, but I have recently began to doubt Islam. Its not that I am afraid of death. I still pray 5 times a day & try my best to refrain from shirk, but I am not 100% sure. Shall I be forgiven?

{Verily! Allâh forgives not (the sin of) setting up partners in worship with Him, but He forgives whom he pleases sins other than that, …}

I am looking for expert answers!


The best richness, is the richness of the soul.
Why do you doubt about Islam?
May Allah (swt) forgive you for everything


The best richness, is the richness of the soul.
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its not that I am an atheist, but I have some doubts. I still pray 5 times a day. Will I be forgiven if I keep these doubts, but repent?

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do not listen to the Shaytaan. look:

If being Muslim, are you supposed to know that such beliefs were of ALLAH. Christianity and Judaism believe For Muhammad (pbuh), there are approximately 124 000 prophets appeared and gone. Prophets came with laws that were suitable for the times in which they lived, came that were appropriate for the time and place of the time when a new prophet appeared and when new laws. From Adam to Muhammad went so on. However, Muhammad (PBUH) was the last among them because mankind had reached its perfection, would be no change needed. Till the day of judgment from him Muhammad (PBUH) was sent along with laws that will go to the end of time. If a question comes to mind like "Why the laws of voorgane prophets were not universal?" Then you should keep in mind that for example today's traffic laws could be since there is no such thing as cars, buses, airplanes, etc. 400 years ago not applied existed. It would be ridiculous to 400 years ago, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings to be constructed as humanity was not then so developed. In a spiritual way, the same applies for the prophets before Muhammad (PBUH) appeared. The development of humanity was not so far to contain and practice those laws.

It is also very easy to believe and to analyze it to take flaws. Believe outside Islam to contain many illogical, contradictory and inexplicable aspects. Faith not only speaks the heart but also the mind of these two must go together, otherwise one can not believe in something if there are inconsistencies. It's like believing that there are two suns, while everything and everyone makes it clear that there is only one sun is orbiting the earth. Therefore, those who believe in other religions, provided that they can never be is confronted with the flaws in their beliefs, not sincerely believe in their religion. Islam, however, neither contradictory nor defects.

One of the proof that Islam is the true religion:

Look at the last and greatest prophet of Allah. From his birth until his lead, he caught neither friend nor foe in a lie. Even after proclaiming his prophethood called his greatest enemies him a liar, she just said that he had delusions, although he was the most intelligent and most sober. An illiterate man who never read anything or wrote, comes once with something suddenly once the poems and prose of the most professional poets outreach and there was no man that has the capacity to perform the words 1500 years which the illiterate man revealed to surpass. Miracles that he showed, as the splitting of the moon, were confirmed by his greatest enemies. Abu Djehl was witnessed when asked who his witness when that miracle was proclaimed. Can you imagine that your biggest enemy is your witness, your miracle? When she asked for Eboe Djehl, he said that the whole abnormal magic was what he had, but he could not deny that miracle because he was an eyewitness of that sublime miracle. He had thousands of miracles which all confirm his prophethood.

There is a Qur'an that Uthman Ibni Afwaan (the son of the Prophet (PBUH)) belonged:

When we address these Koran and go like a freshly printed from the printing Qur'an, we see that is not a letter changed. This also shows, unlike other religions, that Islam is pure and has remained unchanged, just as Allah has promised in the Qur'an.

This question was also put to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).

Allah has this surah Al-ighlaas revealed and the Prophet (PBUH) recommended therefore to answer this question. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) after his ummah (nation) also recommended that this question Surat al-Ighlaas to answer. In Surah al-ighlaas states the following:

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

1. Say: Allah is the only one.

2. Allah himself, the Eternal.

3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten.

4. And there is none like Him. In any way

We will also give some examples where it is clear that this question is actually a superfluous question.

Example 1:

Think of a train consisting of ten wagons. Each wagon is dragged by the wagon before. Eventually you'll come to find that the driver controls the train. Then the question:'' Who is the driver then dragged'' an illogical reasoning, because the driver has no need. The driver controls the train with his own knowledge and will.

Example 2:

We ask the following question:'' How is a car made?''

Then it replies:'' Through a car factory''.

The next question is:'' How is a car factory made''?

This let those where all the equipment of the plant comes from and how it is made. This question goes to a certain point and eventually you will have the knowledge, will and power of a person entering, this question can not continue indefinitely.

Example 3:

- The soldier will command the corporal

- The corporal gets command of Sergeant

The sergeant-get command of the Adjutant and so on.

Eventually you'll come to the king and can not be asked the question:'' Who the King gets an order'', because the king does from himself and no one can recommend to do something because he held the highest position him? .

Al concluding:

These examples show, therefore, that Allah may have because He is the Almighty and Wise. No creator If Allah would be created would He be, because that does not suit the property of Allah. Allah no A person who has someone above him, can not be Almighty and Wise.


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Please read books of the dead by stanislav grof, & read about the works of Stanislav Grof as this may represent one of the few real threats to the spread of islam. Please refute it if i is refutable. Stanislav Grof is one of the founders of Transpersonal Psychology.