Hello im new :)


Striving for Paradise

A very warm Welcome to Pat, Mark and Wannabemuslim.

May the All Mighty God Allah have mercy on you and shower His blessings on you, guide you towards the right path and make you among those whom He will be pleased with. Ameen.


noor aldeen

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hi pat welcome to TTI it is great to have you :) please feel free to ask any question about islam, insya Allah (God willing) the wonderful brothers and sisters here will be able to help you.
welcome my sis i hope allah guide you to right path


~Welcome To TTI.

Hi my name is Pat,

I am new to islam and this site.....I havent converted but I am open to the possibility of doing so. I am facinated by islam and its rich and amazing history. I hope to learn more from this great site and you wonderful people :)


To all my
brothers and sisters.

Hello Pat :)

Welcome To TTI

Hoping to hear from you soon .

Take Care!
~Bye :)


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Pat & Mark : salam alaykom.

Salam Alaykom is Jesus & Mohammed greeting:
“And as they thus spake, Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace [be] unto you” Luke 24:36

Welcome... Welcome
U r just in the right path inshallah ...
Islam is the religion of God in the world.
please do not hesitate to ask any question.

Abo Noor