Brothers Hello you all


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- For now, you can start with these 2 lessons to teach you a simple or an alternative form of prayer:
: - By time, you need to learn the original form of prayer. You can find it on this video:
- And these 2 lessons will be of great help:

Very usefull websites thank you

nusaiba s

Islam is all about love
All praises be to ALLAH .congratulations brother am so happy for you because this is a very bold step in your life.may ALLAH guide us are sure to make friends and learn a lot about Islam are welcome.

Eman Yousuf

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:allahuakbar: welcome brother,

Believe me you will not regret by choosing islam as your deen, dont worry you will learn
many things slowly and steadily about Islam. You just follow what sister Fatima S,Ar,said
until you are thorough.

May allah (swa) put Ikhlas in your heart and give you strength to adhere to Islam forever ameen
ma salaam