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Assalamalaikum dear brothers and sisters, i got a problem with prayer that i can perform any prayer on time except fajar prayer, i tries in many ways, i even put more than two alams in my room, but it still can not wake me up for fajar prayer, please help me how can i overcome this problem? may Allah reward all of you Ameen.



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try to sleep early at night. Try to get at least 4 hours of sleep before Fajr.
Also, turn on alaram. Before sleeping, ask ALLAH to wake u up before Fajr.
Try to get into gathering of pious ppl at ur place from time to time. e.g. 2 days in a week.

This combination will help u inshALLAH.


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Assalamualaikum... Peace be upon you...

There are many ways which can help you get up for Fajr:

1) A light meal: Try not to sleep with a full stomach!! This can make you very lazy...
2) Room Temperature: Don't make your room too cold...this can make it difficult to get up. Your room should be warm.
3) Sleep early: Try to get adequte sleep...depending on your kind of work you do during the day. If you have a lot of physical activities..try to get 7 hours of sleep... or atleast a minimum of 5-6 hours.
4) Motivating Lectures: Read the quran and hadiths about the importance of prayer. Also, watch see some motivating lectures about the salaah.

The above points are just some suggestions... Your real help is only from Allah!! Pray before you sleep...make a dua...that you wake up for Fajr... and InshaAllah, you will see the difference...



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As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabrakatuhu

Good points suggested by Shahzad and nobbyv. ---------- pray Tahajjud, recite Quran and pray Fajr. I had the same problem earlier but remember its a test for you. How much do you love Allah Subhanahu wa Taala? How much you have humbled yourself in front of Him? Above all its a test of your Eeman and patience?
Try to be the best of slaves of Allah Subhanahu wa Taala.

Remember that real help is from Allah Subhanahu wa Taala. Make duas as much as you can. Dont forget to recite Surah Al Mulk and As Sajdah every night before sleeping, thats what Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) used to do.



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assalam ! bro i read with keen interest your need for prayers and advice while i believe the brothers has said it all,wallahi u need be sincere in ur conviction knwing perfectly salah is an ibabah punishable for not doing it on time, or as ALLAH stated in the holy Quran:prayers is orden to believers as injection on a stapulated time:
Brother i pray may Allah give us the strenght to serve him the best as we could and insha ALLAH i will pray for you.


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Assalam aleikum

When do you sleep then?

Aazubillahi minas shaitanir razeeem Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem

Walaikum as salam sister
It depends on how I schedule and plan myself for 24 hours. Sometimes I sleep for few hours during the day. But most of the time I try to sleep after Ishaa prayers.



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thank u for the question and thank u too for the answers. it helps me too to improve myself :hijabi:

i hv this problem b4 but now alhamdulillah, i'm improving it better...
my suggestion is mayb u can try to write down ur schedule b4 u sleep and read surah al-Kautsar b4 sleeping and pray to Allah to help u wake up early for subuh prayer. sorry coz i didn't hv the source of reading the surah Al-Kautsar b4 sleeping but i'd read it in the article once.
planning ur day will help u to make it works (wake up early) insyaAllah coz we set it in mind b4 sleeping. so it'll help to make us ready for the day coming insyaAllah.

during my study at the university, i hv a close friend who keep giving me a wake up call. and alhamdulillah it also help me to improve myself coz i do a muhasabah that for how long i should rely on people to wake up early :shymuslima1:

hope that it'll help u insyaAllah. together we try the best to improve ourself.



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Assalamu alaykum,

Do u hear the alarm clock and then say to yourself, "I will wake up in 5 mins I just need 5 more minutes of rest?" If so, then don't do that because I used to do that and I would go straight back to sleep and not wake up and miss fajr. Instead, wake up literally straight away or if u can't do that just say laa ilaha illah laa a few times so that you're more awake. That's what I do now and it works al7amdulillah.

If you really can't hear the alarm clock and it doesn't wake u up at all then the best thing to do is to ask Allah to wake u up and that I suppose is the only way. Seriously, once you've prayed fajr you'll be more motivated to pray the rest of your prayers and also motivated to wake up for fajr everyday as you realise then that you can do it.

May Allah save us from jahannam. Ameen.



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Assalamalikum to all my brothers and sisters, mashaAllah i have been motivated by all your advices. inshaAllah i will following what you suggested to me. may Allah helps me to wake up for tomorrow's fajar.

Really jazakanlahukahir for everyone here try to help me.



bnqɯnɥ 'ɥɐq

I would recommend one of those new clocks invented by a college student. When the alarm goes off it rolls off of your desk and goes all over the room. Quite a nifty invention, but I have no idea how much they cost.



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i hv this very same problem & i feel terrible about it & of course want to improve on it

i'm so glad someone posted something about this & i am going to try some of the advise given too

thanx :)

ASALAM O ALIKUM brother dont thing its a very big problem dere is no problem is ISLAM, as 1 of my brother said go 2 bed early n say KILMAH be4 sleep n make a help prayer from ALLAHA SUBHAN HU TALA 2 wake u up in Fajir n alwayz remember QUID-KA-MATIS- SALAH ,means prayers r better den sleep,,, look do u even get up 2 turn off de alaram? at dat time just think its only gona take 10 minutes 2 do SALAH n den i can sleep again so my brother u might get up 4 FAJIR its u who ve 2 make effort against SHEETAN... plz do ur best n i will pray 4u aswell AAMIN.....


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salam. If you believe that you can overcome it you will, all u gotta do is keep it in mind. when u keep things in mind u can do them without having to be reminded.