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Allahu Akubar!!!!!
salam2: brothers and sisters. I will be graduating from high school next year inshallah.I still didn't decided what I want to be or what i am going to study in college. so what kind of Career is good for muslim sister who live in America.
what do you guys think? jzk keyran


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Asalam Aleikum

First of all i suggest that you start with any interests that you may have, use it as a foundation & then continue from there. Secondly seek guidance either from parents,teachers school counselor etc. At this point im sure that you will have something that interests you. Pls remember that all of these guidelines may or may not work, but remember if Allah swt has a plan for you then all you need to do is wait patiently & in time you will find your answer. If you have any more questions just feel free to ask anyone here at TTI or pm me.

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aslam o alikum
umm I know in my career class you can do this career test and it tells you according to ur interest wat careers would be good so i think u can always go to the councellor and get the website where the test can be done online it wud help :)


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I think a job that is suitable for muslim women is to be a teacher (in an elmentary school or kindergaten). Because other jobs mostly involved us to mix with men (and it will spread fitnah).Working in school limits that insha Allah.(note: not a teacher in highschool or college as you face with adult students)
And if you're already married it will better to be at home to teach your own children of course ^_^ Insha Allah


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If I were u...I would take a year off or really think about what you love. now thinking about what u live, is going to take a lot of reflection. Anyway, don't follow the $$...follow the money only means headache...but do what u love and money will follow and u will be stress free. Anyway...all careers are great for a muslim women. I am graduating with a degree in History. I hate it...I did not give myself time to reflect. so now I decided now, to reflect and I am going to graduate school for social work..insh'allah.


Allahu Akubar!!!!!
thank you

:salam2: brothers and sisters, Thanks you all for your nice advice. Barakallahu fikum akil muslim and wauktil muslima. May Allah Give you guys the Highest Jannah. as some of you said I do have some career that i am intrested, for example Nurse(RN) and dentist. But unfortunately all these jobs involves working with nonmahram, or kaafir of course. Just wanna to let you guys know that I appreciate your help. today is friday after salaatul asir it is one of the time that our beloved prophet(pbuh) said one is du'aa will be accepted, so may Allah accept all our good deeds.