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bros and sis's i have this sister who is gr8 best friend of my ALHAMDULLILLAH and will remain INSHALLAH. Unfortunately my father saw her with some brother who was passing over a letter. He obviously misunderstood her and has forbidden me to speak to her. I know my friend has no bad intentions as she respect her parents greatly but i can't live without her please help. Moreover without any proof they cant say anything and when i said this to my mom she slapped me....I really can't stay without her she's like my sister. Moreover my mother was more pissed up when this friend's sister wanted my cell for a day and as i don't use it as it has no sim i gave it to her and here now my mom blamed me again for passing on things form our house. Actually this sister who wanted this cell was in urgent need of it as her kids had lost hers and she was expecting her hubby's call as he was away. Plz help im greatly in dispair. We knoe each other for years ALHAMDULLILAH.


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:salam2: dear sister.

Dear sister my advice for you is that you speak with your parents and that you try to explain them that what they saw it was just misunderstanding Alhamdulillah,and that she is your sister in Islam,friend and that she means a loot to you.

I think dear sister with polite converstation everything can be resolve and with Allahs help.

I will keep you sister in my duas.

May Allah bless you dear sister.


Your sister Asja


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I agree with sister asja, parents can be abit of a hassle and very stubborn but they only doing this because they are afraid that you might go wrong somewhere it's just natural for parents to become very overprotective at this point specially with the daughters. (i'm not in any implying that you or the close sister of yours will go wrong anywhere)
main thing to do would be to speak to them if not give it some time :inshallah:
alot of people in my jahiliya days had very bad images of me but when they saw that i wasnt really like that they forgot about the judgemental thoughts. maybe one day they'll see her doing something good and change her mind (again not implying that she did something bad in the first place).
Speak to them kindly take them to the living room and sit down with them and start off by praising Allah in your heart or out loud send salutations and peace upon the Prophet of Allah :saw: and being.
Come back and lets us know how it goes...if it didnt work, we'll figure something out, what the next step or plan should be for them not to think bad of the sister



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aslam o alikum
Parents anger can be like butter it will be hard but over time will melt so just give them some time and slowly try to convince them she didn't do anything
hope it help


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salamo allahi 3alaiki okhti

Conserning ur request , don't worry sister and take it easy ,and at the same time give ur parents time .And after that try to re-explain to them the situation, first u r a girl i think the person who will understand u more , is ur mother .think wisely and choose the exact and right time and try to convince her.Surely when u succed in convincing her be sure she will take the task of convincing ur father.

and insha allah u will regain ur freindship with ur intimate friend or ur sister as u said.

just take it easy and prey to allah a lot

asslamo 3alakiom wa rahmato allah