Hijab or the FIRE!

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Hijab or the FIRE!
By Shaykh Muhammad Munajjid
Transcribed from Arabic to English by Jamillah bint George
This is definitely not your average talk on Veiling
Oh Muslims, truly from the guidance which we have been given from the book of Allah (Subhanahu wa
ta'ala) and from the Sunnah is the order for hijab for Muslim women, saving her from corruption and
evil; and her Lord who is the one who is the most knowledgeable about her, has made the hijab
obligatory upon her. And these women are our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and relatives and
neighbors .
Every one of them comes under scope of the hadeeth: All of you are shepherds and all of you will be
asked about those under your guardianship .
Allah revealed in His book explaining His favor & blessings: Oh Bani Aadam, I have given you your
clothing to cover yourselves (private parts) and the dress of taqwaa is best. The dress of taqwaa is that
which the Muslim women wears fearing her Lord, to cover her awrah. Allah is Hayyun (bashful) Sitteer
(Coverer). He loves bashfulness & covering. The Prophet (PBUH) used to make the dua: Oh Allah,
cover my awrah & save me from that which I fear … Allah has made the hijab obligatory on Muslim
women and this was also so with the previous ummahs as is known in their distorted books…
And the church, up until the middle century specified this for women so much so that women didn't mix
with men . And the Arab Kuffaar in Jahiliyyah had good manners as their poets mentioned. They
covered and had hijab for their women.
And covering the Face was also known with the Arabs as happened with the wife of Nu'mani, her face
cover fell off, and she was in front of people.
And the Fujjari war started between Quraysh & Hawayim, this is how some of the Arab women
conducted themselves, showing their good manners. And on the other hand, some of them were
mutibarrijaat (those who displayed themselves) so much that they went around the Ka'abah naked. Allah
revealed: Do not display yourselves as the first displaying of ignorance . And Allah has said: Establish
yourselves in your homes & don't display yourselves as the first ignorant displaying .
And lower your kheemaar over your juyoobihinnah and don't show your beauty. And the Prophet
(PBUH) said in a saheeh hadeeth: " Al-Mar-a-tu Awrah (The women is Awrah)1. (Awrah is that which
must be covered.)
Not show from this anything . [This is the Nass Al Hakeem AlMuhkam] This is the clear decisiive text,
which provides the hukm, judgement, and rule; (this gathers the entire matter). Whoever reflects upon
these 2 words (Al-Mar-a-tu Awrah) only, he will not need another evidence besides this - for covering
the entire woman's body - her face, hair, 2 hands, feet & body. The deen has ordered covering the
Awrah; it is obligatory, no denying it.
[There is no clear cut, saheeh evidence of the female sahaabah or Umul Mumineen of showing the face
in front of non-mahram men].
In Saheeh Bukhaaree - the long hadeeth about the IFK (Lie about Ayeshah). The story about her
remaining behind . Safwaan came by, He used to see me before hijaab was revealed & made obligatory.
He came by & said:" Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon (She woke up) & said:so I covered my face
with my jilbaab. Think about this expression to use it as a serious grave expression to drive it in, pierce,
stab, fix, poke it in front of their eyes.
Say to them: Truly, Ayeshah said in Bukhaaree So I covered my face with my jilbaab, which is proof
that she understood completely the obligation to cover the face. And the Prophet (PBUH) ordered the
one who is going to marry someone to look at her. I ask you by Allah, if showing the face was allowed
why did he order him to go to look at her face? Couldn't he have seen her on the street? Why did he
order this, then? /Ansaar women had something in their eyes. So, the order was to check out the eyes.
Where are the eyes? -In the hair? Arms? Feet? The eyes are on the face. Why is it that some sahaabah
looked first before the marriage? Why make the marriage contract first, then look? Why not just look on
the street? Because as we understand & know, covering the face was waajib. Mugheerah Bin Shu'bah
said: I went to the Prophet (PBUH) and mentioned that I had engaged a women to be married. He said:
Go & look to her, it may make something between you two. So he went & told her parents this. It was as
if the parents didn't like it. They told the lady. She said: if the Prophet (PBUH) has order it, then look.
So he looked at her. He married her. He mentioned her goodness, manners & obedience. Hadeeth: Two
kind of people of the fire that I have not yet seen: women clothed yet naked heads like Bukht camels.
They will not enter Jannah, nor smell it, though its smell can be smelled from such & such far away.
They are cursed. (saheeh) How it is that women are dressed but naked?
Short dress - not cover all.
Thin (shafaaf) not thick (sameeq), though it is long (even if face veil is shafaaf).
Tight, not loose, showing body parts & section.
Look at the Muslim women today, going out from their houses into street, markets, and cars. Look at
them. How many from 100 are described in this hadeeth, dressed but yet naked? They will not enter the
Oh people, the woman walking in the street, if she is your sister, daughter, wife, mother, she is under
your guardianship. Do not let her be of those whom the smell of Jannah is prohibited for; I like for you
to have her to cover. The sahabah were diligent about this. The hadeeth about the woman who had
falling fits & became uncovered. He (PBUH) prayed for her not to become uncovered. Hadeeth: The
best of your women are those who are the loving, the child bearing - etc. Worst women are the
mutabarrijaat1 (1 mutabarrijaat - women who display their beauty.), mutakhayilaat2,(2 mutakhayilaat -
women who walk seductively, swaying.) they are the hypocrites, munafiqaat; Not enter the Jannah
except as rarely as the crow with red claws & beak. Ayeshah entered her room where her father & the
Prophet (PBUH) were buried, but when 'Umar was buried there, she wouldn't enter except covered with
her thawb. Umar was under the ground - dead (saheeh). Oh Women, in your homes, I say to you,
Ayeshah was bashful in this situation. And women go on the street in front of live men. And the hijab is
decorated. May Allah destroy those who purchase such decorated clothing as well as those who make
them & sell them, and women who wear them. And they dress with these decorated hijabs. Oh people,
fear Allah and save yourselves & your families from the hell fire which people & stones fuel. Ayeshah
& those with her, if the men passed by they would cover their faces at hajj & umrah.
Women can uncover their faces in some necessary situations, like:
Marriage Khutbah
Male doctor only available
The women have been ordered by Allah in Quran to establish themselves in their homes. They should
not go out except for necessity. The secularists hate this. Visit family, buy necessary things if her
husband cannot get it, but only in compliance with shareeah conditions. The women going out numerous
times daily for unnecessary reasons are going against the verse: "Stay in your homes"; This issue is not a
joke, a plaything. Not any hijab found in the stores - it must be thick complete cover, not tight, wide.
These kind of abayahs today - the black ones, they reveal the size of the body & show the hands.
Women's dress must not be perfumed, incensed; Not look like a man, not allowed to wear doctor jackets
like a man, even if completely covered, not the dress of Kuffar; Not proud dress.
Every hadeeth that mentions uncovering the face is either a weak hadeeth, or for an individual situation;
It is for reason - like marriage, witness or a hadeeth with different uses And we are with the judgement
of the Book of Allah & with the clear evidence, and don't show your decoration. And now we know the
wisdom of Allah in obligation of the hijab,salamum, mawithun1.(1 Providing us peace, wellness, and
admonition.) How many homes are losing not implementing the hijab? The people today do not see
good as good. A man doesn't even care if his wife goes out by his side, uncovered; thin clothes ½
abayah, tight clothes, short. Oh brothers, when your wife goes out with you decorated - ask yourself
this? Who is she decorated for?? I ask you by Allah, the Atheem; if your wife goes out uncovered,
showing face, perfumed, raising her hijab, showing her hair, who is she decorated for? Is she decorated
for you? It is appropriate for her to decorate for you inside the house. What is the meaning of this?
Leaving decorating inside for you, then she goes out decorated for people on the street. Where is the
gheerah2?(Natural, rightful, protective jealousy of a man for his wife.) Truly Allah has ordered justice,
doing good & giving the relatives and has prohibited munkar, bad deeds, immoral sexual corruption,
transgressing. He admonishes you so that you give thought. If anyone says that the deen does not order
that the complete hijab, I say Allah does not order immorality. Do you say about Allah that which you
don't know? Allah orders justice. People understand the meaning of woman is awrah. But now, the
gheerah has gone from the hearts. Women go out displaying themselves, except who Allah has mercy
on. Women go out in cars with their husband & look to the right & left. Today we see what we have
never seen. Has there ever been such displaying of women as we see now? Where has the covering
gone? Women employees in companies go out in offices mixing with men, Haramun Alaykum. Where
has all this corruption in homes come from and evil in gatherings? Allah is going to ask you all about all
of this. And shall punish those who deserve it. Those women who go out showing themselves are a
fitnah to the people, to those who look at their faces. If women would cover completely, there would be
no problems. The secularists who follow their desries say if a woman goes out completely covered
people will stare at her, causing commotion. They are liars. A great horrible lie is that which comes out
of their mouth. If women would cover completely, yes, some men would look at them, marvelling.
However, if they looked twice, their vision would come back to them worn out because there is nothing
to see. Where is the gheerah? (2 Natural, rightful, protective jealousy of a man for his wife.) If Islaam &
Emaan is in your heart, do not listen to the secularists. Do not respond to their call, that is error. The
athiests want to mislead the believers & spread corruption among them. They say, if covering the face is
waajib, why does the Quraan order in the verse to men to lower their gaze? Why do women have to
lower their gaze? Oh you who fear Allah, you know that the fitnah is great.
Selling grapes is halal. But selling them to make wine is not. That which leads to haram is haram. In
today's times, it is (moreover) correct to cover the face. The dogs of desire are lurking about for women
in every place.
If the woman is covered, but but a strong wind blows her clothes up, isn't the verse about lowering the
gaze useful? If she gets into a car and part of her leg shows, isn't the verse of lowering the gaze useful?
If a child opens the door & reveals women, is the verse useful or not? Allah knows that also there are
those who do not respond and comply with His orders. (Therefore, there will be disobedient people
uncovered, so lowering the gaze is necessary. Doesn't Allah know what he created? And He is Al
Latteef, The All Aware (76:12).
Even if all the Muslim women covered correctly, don't Kafirs uncover & the verse is useful? But most
don't know or understand, and they make fun of Allah's verses. Oh brothers, I say this khutbah is in the
month of Ramadaan. Everyone needs to repent, and if your women have not been previously covering,
then they must do so now.